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Funko POP: Infinity War Iron Man

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Here we are with another Funko POP review! This time we are featuring Iron Man as he will appear in the highly anticipated: Infinity War. Let's just jump right into the review and check out POP Infinity War Iron Man!

The hype for Infinity War is definitely real! A culmination of 18 movies, 10 years in the making, and here we are with merchandise galore! I have to say that I love what they are doing with this line and I do love this Iron Man POP; from artwork, to promotional display, I adore it!

And the entire wave is pretty good. To be honest, I'm tempted to get most of them. The Thanos I'm skeptical since it's not fully armored Thanos, the Black Order looks good, the Hulk Buster for sure! But I'm not entirely sure if I am going to go that far with that route.

Iron Man's design in this movie is still very similar to the first red and gold armor we saw him wear in the Cinematic Universe. But what it is capable of is something that we haven't seen before. This POP definitely gives a good preview of what is to come when Tony Stark goes against the mighty of Thanos and Black Order.

The color chose for this POP is just a marvel (pun intended). The familiar red and gold of Iron Man is even more rich in this scheme. The touch of silver and gold all over the dominant red is a spectacle and definitely appreciated. The translucent blue for his beam and leg boosters are also a good touch on a very dynamic POP.

Speaking of dynamic, the flying pose brings something different to the usual standing poses of POPs. I like this gimmick with the stand, something we have seen with POP Vivic before. I think POP should do more of these kinds of poses since it shows evolution from their earlier days of producing merchandise.

He looks kind of mean for a cute little thing. Truly ready for action!

In conclusion, POP Infinity War Iron Man is a must for Iron Man fans, Funko POP collectors, or for anyone looking to have someone as cool looking as a desk companion. Nice vibrant coloring, cool pose, and the sculpt is a perfect (stylized) representation of Iron Man as he will appear in the long awaited Infinity War! What's not to like about this POP?

Until Next Time!

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