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Funko POP: Iron Man (Avengers/Amazon Exclusive)

Another POP coming in fast! And, no, it's not a holiday-themed Iron Man! This one has a classic feel and I've wanted this for a while now. Glad to finally have him and now let's just get on with the review, shall we?

I'm not going to lie, I probably like this POP more than most folks. And to be completely honest, this is probably one of the cheapest priced POP I bought that is a household name. I mean, with the MCU's popularity and rise for the past 15 years, it's safe to assume that Iron Man is a household name, right? With all that said, I don't mind snagging a few more Iron Man POPs. This one in particular has a few gimmicks behind it that make it worth it. Find it on Amazon with Prime, it's going to be an affordable POP. The box is reminiscent of comic book promotional panels.

Avengers collection and Amazon exclusive. It also comes with a pin and a unique stand that isn't always for Marvel characters (more common with Star Wars POPs). Definitely for me though since it's Iron Man and it has a pin with it!

Avengers Assemble! Darn right! The other Avengers get this treatment. I will most likely stay with Stark.

Also a bobblehead

There's so much to like about this POP! It's a classic Iron Man armor. I believe it's Iron Man Model IV and hey, it may not impress with modern-day 'standards', but for the sake of nostalgia, I'm going to just enjoy this armor for what it is. As a POP, it does lend itself with its simple design. However, that doesn't mean that Funko cut it short with the detailing. The sculpting for the boots, gloves, body, helmet, and everything that gives the classic Iron Man some 'metallic" look is mostly present. I do love the pose too since he is in a flying/repulsor blast pose. The stand isn't your typical Funko clear stand; he is held by the fire/smoke effect and the base has the 'Avengers' name on there. There's nothing to complain about. It's a good-looking POP just speaking on sculpt.

The coloring/painting is where this POP stands out for me. There are those 'shading/shadowing' at certain places that give it that animated 90s 'shine'. I like the glossy wash over the POP that truly gives this Iron Man a metallic look. The shadowing also makes it seem that there is more sculpting work where there is not. It's sharp, well done, and has no defects (at least with my copy), and all in all, it's impressive!

The smoke effect, the translucent plastic for the thrusters, and then that Avengers logo. It's a different and much-appreciated base.

This POP also gets an enamel PIN that mirrors the POP. It's just as good in my opinion. I've had a few POPs w/ pins and I will say that the pins aren't deal breakers, but they are a good extension.

Now that's an Iron Man POP party!

Especially on close-up, one can see the paint details this POP got to give him that 'shadowing' effect. I also like that pose quite a bit!

The details, the stand, the coloring, and not to mention the affordable price I snagged this guy in--this is a recommended POP. With the assortment of Iron Man POPs I own, this one surprisingly stands out. I do love this one. Any Iron Man fan (Comic or MCU) can get something from this POP.

Until Next Time!

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