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Funko POP: Iron Man (Xmas 2023)

Well, the last one(?) from this Christmas 2023 POP set! And it's Iron Man! While I'm definitely not in shortage of Iron Man POPs (more on that later), I am certainly willing to get more of Stark's armor for the Hall of POPs! With that said, let's get into the review, shall we?

All familiar and all I have by now. Well, all until I find the 'extras' that come with this set. Anyways, moving on!

Like a lot of the Marvel characters in this series, their festivity had been toned down but they're obvious enough. Still, not as grand as previous years' festivities.

He is a Bobblehead!

The armor that Funko chose to represent Stark's merry ways is from the 80s. That clunky, robotic, and form-fitting armor that sometimes looks like shiny tights. I have no qualms with that look, mind you, in fact, it's very classic. So it's a good pick. Not a dynamic pose either, a definite theme with this set. And definitely not something detrimental just odd seeing these characters in a neutral position. In Iron Man's case, Stark decided to show his festivity spirit by embodying Santa Claus's job. He's got the money to do it so makes sense. He's got all the details needed to make him recognizable as Iron Man so no complaints.

Not a whole lot exposed from the bag!

Color-wise, it's bright yellow and red to represent how Iron Man was at the time. It's a great choice; the lime green bag is a bit weird color, maybe a darker shade would do better but it's not going to lose a point or anything. There are some blemishes with the paint job, of course, a bit more noticeable than one would like but overall, it's not too bad. It's good.

Here is next to other POP Iron Men that I have. This collection is not going to slow down any time soon I think.

The last one to complete the set and I'm an Iron Man fan. In more ways than one, he is a must. If one wants a festive Tony Stark, one can add him to give more Christmas spirit. The holiday theme aside, one also has a good Iron Man POP so he's worth it. I'd say I recommend him. Now, let's see if I'm adding more Iron Man before the year ends (spoiler, I am!).

Until Next Time!

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