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Funko POP: Jessica Cruz / Green Lantern (Dia De Los )

I've had my sights on this POP for a long time now. Finally got it--gifted to me for the holidays!

I'd like to get Batman, but that might spark a Batman collecting phase. This set has some good characters, but will probably just stay with Jessica Cruz here. I really like her design!

Just a random thought, they should do Bleez and other Red Lantern characters in POP form. I'd get them.

Ms. Cruz is not a bobblehead.

I feel that the Lanterns are one of the most versatile characters to pose in an action figure or figurine. Neutral, flying, or tanking, they can pull off a lot of good poses. Funko went simple with Jessica, but at least they gave her a GL construct. It's nothing extravagant, which honestly, plays to the character's inability to create constructs during her early days. She's also holding a lantern and it also looks good. Hair isn't terrible either, just the usual standard with Funko POP's style. Simple but still with its flares (no pun intended).

The Lanterns have a simple design traditionally. Not a fan of the numerous amount of armor platings or numerous lines on the suit. Just make it stand out and make it compliment the character. While this Green Lantern for Jessica is themed, it's still fairly simple and the colors do most of the hard work. And boy, did they nail it. The face paint was something they couldn't miss and they executed it. The other parts like the body paint, the leg designs, all well done. The plastic chosen for Jess' construct and lantern energy really works well to complete the over all look.

I like the Green Lantern mythos and the extended teams that goes with them. I am, however, not a diehard fan so I only have the ones from the Wonder Woman series when she donned a few rings (still need her Star Sapphire form). I know, none of these are standard Lanterns including Jessica with her Day of the Dead theme.

I think this is a good catch. She's got a theme to her that makes her malleable to other collection themes rather than just being a DC character/Green Lantern. Is she necessary? Well, honestly, I'm having a hard time finding a place for her but I will say she was a good gift! I do like her! Jessica Cruz got some good things going for her for sure!

Until Next Time!

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