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Funko POP: Jin Sakai

Here we have a #POP! It's none other than Jin Sakai from Ghost of Tsushima! It's pretty cut and dry how much I love The Game so getting a POP of the main character was inevitable. With that said, let's dive in!

I personally ordered this POP online through Gamestop and it arrived in a timely manner. This is a variant edition--the blood all over is not a common POP variant. I honestly wasn't sure if I wanted this or the normal one but I figured that Jin got pretty bloody in the game so this is pretty accurate and it's how I wanted to display my Ghost. Also, if one isn't aware, this is a Playstation Sony Licensed Product.

It doesn't look like there will be others in the series and honestly, I'm not at all surprised. While the game was great, there were no astoundingly memorable NPCs. They were great, but not to the point that I think that they'd make a splash in the video game world like Jin did--unless they show up in the sequels(maybe?). But great box though! Definitely a PlayStation-esque look to it.

I used quite a few outfits for Jin when I was playing; the standard "Ghost" outfit was something I wore but I probably had him wear the Traveler's outfit a lot or the Sakai armor. Though it makes sense that #Funko went with the promotional armor for Jin and despite all the needed details that could prove challenging, Funko got it right within the boundaries of a POP. All the rope details, the rivets in his armor, the designs of his mask, all of it is present and definitely makes you aware that this is Jin Sakai, the Ghost of Tsushima. The pose chosen is a bit on t he neutral side considering how dynamic and action-based the game is. Also, there are other more dramatic poses Funko could have chosen for Jin. Honestly, all in all, it doens't bother me that much. Just pointing out that for a character known for his dramatic and flares, this is on the safe side.

I do like how the blood splattering on this 'special edition' adds drama to a pretty stoic pose. Though if I tilt his head to the right, it gives a sense of a dramatic flare to the entire thing.

Speaking of color and painting, Funko delivers again with this piece. While Jin's colors while wearing the (default) Ghost armor is more on the darker side to compliment his "ninja" ways, there are some subtle things like the colors of the rope, the difference in materials in his clothing, the gold, and so many that help his outfit have some variations. Also, that touch of his Family Crest on his cape definitely makes this a truly accurate POP representation of the Ghost of Tsushima.

Look at that snarl on his mask! The Blood splatter! The bloody katana! Yeah, Jin Sakai is ready to drive the Mongols back out of Tsushima!

Definitely a noteworthy POP. Since I loved the game, it was only natural for me to get the POP. It's got nice details, a good enough pose, an outstanding coloring job, and a good character. All in all, a fantastic plastic homage to one of my joyful gaming moments this year! I highly recommend!

Until Next Time!

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