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Funko POP: Mary Marvel

Ah, Shazam: Fury of the Gods! One of the remaining #DCEU properties that struggled at the box office. But we're not here for that. We're here to look at one of the #POPs that I have been looking to snag for some time now. Let's get into the review then, shall we?

I adore how Mary Marvel looked in the movie. They (thankfully) stayed true to her comic book outfit and gave it some modernized flare. I wanted a merch of her for sure and what better to grab than her POP? I definitely am going to stick with just this one out of all of them. I have no connections with the others so this will be the last POP from this series that have in my collection.

What a proud and confident posture she has, right?

While the pose is definitely full of attitude, it's definitely not the most dynamic. But with an outfit like that, I don't mind a vanilla posture one bit. Seriously, Mary Marvel was one of the more intriguing characters (looks-wise) when it comes to the Shazam sequel. The managed to update her costume while still giving homage to the flouncy skirt. Of course, as with all modern comic book aesthetics, layers, platings, and intricacies are going to present and as much as they can, Funko replicated it. There are some sculpts to represent the gold armor on her boots and arms, the belt, and the hems of the skirt are all neatly placed. And the cape, while not dynamic, does show some wrinkles and 'life'. As usual, though, the mundane POP hair is also present. Though not going to spend too much time complaining.

The coloring is nothing to complain about. I love the choice of red they used for the plastic. It really does go well with the gold and the white cape. Speaking of the gold, it could be a bit more shinier but it does its job. I also appreciate the red eyeliner to give her more of a feminine contrast.

I wanted to get her because I like the character a lot; not having watched the movie (not sure if I ever will), she really is a looker both as the actress and the costume aesthetics and execution. She a must-have? No. Tell you what though, she's the only reason why I want to even watch that movie so that should say something.

Until Next Time!

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