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Funko POP: Mickey Mouse (Philharmagic)

Another #POP comes right in! Mickey Mouse himself gets another addition to my ever-growing Funko POP collection! So, without further adieu, let's talk about it, shall we?

Alright here we go! Pretty familiar thing with the abundance of POPs I've been pulling in. This one's got a bit of a flare to it--regal, gold, and sharp! I definitely like the look of the box that I might keep this POP inside said box--maybe. I don't do that often with POPs, but I have before (POP: 90 Years Mickey Mouse). We'll see where I stand!

The back of the box gives it even more of that 'special' feel to it, you know? I love that silver-glossy Cinderella castle.

We all know what Mickey Mouse looks like and this POP does a good job (and others before) making Mickey familiar in this stylized form. I'm going to make comparisons but this POP is basically an amalgamation of a couple of Mickey POPs--while not an exact reuse of plastic, it is almost very familiar. Other than that I do love the pose and the sculpt. A suited and booted Mickey, with that Fantasia wizard hat, and a conductor's baton--again, an amalgamation of a few other Mickeys. The pose is also fantastic and it's pretty Mickey-like.

The stars and the moon present on this side of the hat.

The colors are pulled off quite well. Considering that the majority of this POP is black, the execution really matters and execute they did! All the areas that aren't black are also sharp--the stars and moon are spot on, and there's not any bleeding that is too obvious or jarring. Well done on their part.

Here is 50th Anniversary Mickey Mouse next to POP Conductor Mickey. They could have easily repainted and given him a new headpiece to make the 50th anniversary POP and they didn't. Inspired, yes, but a repaint and complete recycle? No. Even their tuxedo are completely different.

As a Disney fan, this was a no-brainer for me. It's simple but clean, it's nicely posed and familiar, and it's got a sentiment all together. Box is also nice so it'll stay in there for a bit. I recommend to anyone wanting to celebrate the milestone while trying to snag something not wallet-breaking. Definitely enjoyed this purchase!

Until Next Time!

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