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Funko POP: Red Ranger (MMPR 30th Anniversary)

The leader of the Power Rangers is here in #POP form! Clearly, I'm out to get all six Power Rangers! With their 30th anniversary definitely fitting for new merchandise, I'm interested in the POPs so let's not delay! Let's go!

Red is a favorite color of mine if that wasn't obvious. So the Red Ranger being a tyrannosaurus, wields a blade, and the constant focus of the team, Jason aka the Red Ranger, definitely had a lot to draw me in. Funny enough, he wasn't too hard to get and a friend of mine found him at her local BoxLunch. Thank you, by the way!

Getting better with opening the box, right?

The side art definitely looks great with Red Ranger's pose and aesthetics. Also, the helmet icon looks really good as well.

Once again, Funko delivers with another sculpting that fits the character of the Red Ranger quite well. Brandishing his sword and standing with a purpose, Jason takes the spotlight with all his glory. All the details that he needs to make him look familiar are present thanks to the way Funko sculpted him. The T-Rex teeth around his visor, the power sword, all of it are there. Nothing to complain about within this department.

The paint job and plastic colors are spot on. The helmet is not as glossy as I'd imagine but it still looks good. Not a whole lot of imperfections so I'd say it's pretty clean and sharp.

Here is POP Red Ranger 30th Anniversary next to POP Green Ranger 30th Anniversary. Definitely a duo! Also, the Green Ranger's helmet is huge compared to.

And here he is next to POP Megazaord (6 inch)! They definitely look good together.

He's an easy recommendation. He's got an awesome pose, and the details are all there, not the cleanest paint job but it's not even worth really pointing it out since my defects are really small. When I get the entire set, they'll definitely look good together!

Until Next Time!

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