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Funko POP: Robin Harley Quinn (LA Comicon)

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Aside from Elsa, Harley Quinn is another character that gained a few #POPs in my collection. This is another variant of her Harley wearing another(someone else's) outfit and I really liked it. So with that said, let's get to the review.

Again, it's another LA comicon and this one I can really understand why: Harley Quin is popular, it's a unique outfit for Harley Quinn, and over all, it just looks good. The moment I saw it in store, it caught my eyes and it stayed in my hands and made it into my collection because of the concept. Visual can only take a merchandise so far and Harley Quinn barely has any room in my finite space game room. But seriously, Harley Quinn as Robin is seriously something that gets my fandom going.

Much like Huntress, this POP is an exclusive without nothing else in terms of in this line. I understand the idea of not advertising the slew of other Comicon exclusives--but I'm surprised that they don't showcase them regardless since collectors can be crazy and persistent.

So let's talk about Robin's outfit first, the classic one. It's weird that a young crime-fighting lad was allowed to wear that outfit. He was literally pantsless. While a punchline for a lot of jokes, it definitely doesn't look bad when a female heroine wears it--definitely not opposed to Harleen Quinzel wearing it. Yeah, I'm aware that's because it allows for more leg exposure, but again, I'm a male with some likes and wants. As far as the actual details of the POP, there a lot to expect, therefore plenty to like! First, while the design of the costume is unmistakably Robin, it's got Harley flare all over it. The "H" instead of the "R", the long tights that cut off at her thighs, the mallet, and then, of course, the color scheme completely mirroring Harley's red and black palette. Though saying all that, it still fits with Robin's color scheme since the animated Tim Drake did sport red, black, and yellow color scheme.

Sculpt is just fine--it's to Funko's standards. The pose isn't something crazy but it definitely is cute and sexy. She's got her hip cocked, one hand posed to said hip while the other holding her mallet, and then there's a little bit of cape movement. I have no real complaints even if my excitement for this isn't high enough to say that this is the best POP pose ever.

The coloring is, of course, good. The red and black are just something that blends in quite nice. The blonde is muted but works well with Harley's white skin. My main concern was Harley's baby blue pigtail and how it would fit in since it would be an odd coloring--remedy? One of Harley's eye shadow is the same color. All in all, it's magnificent and I adore it.

Harley Quinn is a bankable character and putting her in different outfits in POP form is always a good thing for me. I like the outfit, I enjoy the pose, and overall, it's fantastic and I highly recommend it. For Harley Quinn fans and POP collectors, this unique little piece is worth being in someone's shelf. Other than Spider-Man, Harley Quinn is definitely the one getting the most POP love--especially with Birds of Prey coming around the corner. Yeessh.

Until Next Time!

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