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Funko POP: Scarlet Witch (Multiverse of Madness)

Here we are with another #POP! This time around, it's another Phase 4 #MCU goodie--the powerhouse, Wanda Maximoff as the Scarlet Witch! Always wanted a POP of her in her full-on villainess version. So a good friend of mine was kind enough to get me one so here we are with the review!

It's been a bit. I can't believe we're about to go into a year from the release of Multiverse of Madness. One of the Phase 4 movies that I actually like. I really liked Wanda in there as a baddie. I think she looked great too. She had all kinds of crazy things going on so it was easy to make a POP out of her. There were choices for sure. I got a Special Edition.

And I do like this version the moment I saw promotional images for it. Everything else, I'm sure it's an easy pass.

So let's talk about Wanda Maximoff--the Scarlet Witch. She was an absolute beast in the movie. I adore her. Just her entire presence, especially while in her Scarlet Witch attire, just conquered the screen! The special effects and the outfit, PLUS the performance of Elizabeth Olsen just put it all together for me. One would be a fool to think that the merchandise industry wasn't going to take advantage of a slew of Wanda merch with all its variants, moments, and easter eggs. Funko, of course, jumped on board and as a consumer/collector, would be hard to choose from the plethora of POP alone that came at me. But honestly, this POP that was gifted to me does what I wanted out of a POP. Wanda has a pretty dynamic pose that is complimented by the fact that she has a base that is organically used to add the 'flare' that one needs when posing a static figurine. I love how her hair and clothing 'reacts' to the fact that she is summoning her magic and floating in the air. Her hands also have some of that hex magic and are implied to be in between hurling a spell and/or intimidating anyone stupid enough to get in her way.

The sculpting is amazing. There is plenty to admire from this POP! Wanda's Scarlet Witch outfit was not by any means outrageous at first sight, but when one really closes in, there are definitely a lot more intricacies. Funko tried to replicate that by doing some line work all about, obvious by the number of details on her tiara--the upper body clothing did get some of that as well so there were some efforts on Funko. The stand/special effects are also molded so convincingly. Also, the hair is something I'm giving a thumbs up to this time around! Nicely done.

That sculpt work!

The paint job and plastic choice are also something to praise. Part of what I really liked about Scarlet Witch's costume is that it had hints of a robust red but it's glossed over with a taint of black--a show of physical consequence for tampering with the dark arts. It showed that on her fingers and on the tip of her jacket. The POP didn't catch her fingers but it definitely did well in the clothing department. Also, the brighter translucent plastic for her magic is a good contrast.

Here is POP: Scarlet Witch (MoM) right next to POP: Wanda Maximoff (Halloween Costume/WandaVision). The two really are good representations of their onscreen counterparts.

My final thoughts? Well, it's a darn good POP, I say! It's a good example of Funko really putting in the work and making a standard-size POP worth the fancy label of 'special edition' or something like that. I've wanted a Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch for a while now from Multiverse of Madness and here we are. And there is a handful of POPs of Wanda from MoM and just from the #MCU lineup of her several appearances. I can't say if this is the best Scarlet Witch POP but I do LOVE this one. That and it's a gift from a special friend so it's a win. I do highly recommend it for sure!

Until Next Time!

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