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Funko POP: Spider-Girl

Updated: Feb 5

Here we go with Spider-Girl! A POP version of her! I'm very excited to review her. Ever since I was notified of Mayday Parker's POP debut, I was determined to get her. So here we are! Let's get on the review, shall we?

It's a POP-in-the-Box Exclusive. Not entirely sure what that means. I'm not exactly sure what that is but I am a bit more familiar with Mayday Parker. I love this female spunky daughter of Spider-Man. The stories are some with Spider-Girl that interested me. And even if I fell off with her comics, I always wanted her to hang around. Spiderverse gave her a part in the story and I liked it too. Been wanting a merch of Mayday for a long time. Here she is!

The one thing that made me gravitate to this is the pose. I adore the dynamic web-slinging pose! One of the unique things with Spidey is just how he can traverse and artists usually take their spin on it. It passed down to any Spider-like related character, and with Mayday being the daughter of Peter Parker (Earth-082), of course, she'll be swinging like her old man. This pose shows athleticism and movement, and the transparent base allows her to do whatever a spider can. The thwipping hand, the sculpting work on her body--it's all just done well. I will also always appreciate sculpted eyes rather than just painted ones. It's a win in this department, for sure.

There's a certain flare with how Spider-Women do their spider stuff that I adore. Or maybe because I just have preferences. Probably.

There are some small imperfections with the coloring.

A young Spider-Girl next to older more experienced veterans. Actually, Silk isn't a hardened slinger.

Now here is Mayday next to another Spider-Girl and one that should have the Spider-Girl title. Though truth to be told, I definitely think Mayday won the POP out of all three.

Close up of her web-slinging antics!

I've been wanting her for a while now. Great pose and sculpting. No major call-out with the colors. And a character I really, really like! This is an immediate recommendation! Very happy to have her!

Until Next Time!

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