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Funko POP: Spider-Gwen (Into the Spiderverse)

Updated: May 5, 2019

I try not to buy more than one POP of the same character but if there is something that entices me about the POP and/or the character, I'll bite for another. Spider-Gwen is definitely a favorite of mine and having watched Into the Spiderverse, I have to say that I was compelled to buy the POP version of her movie appearance. So let's get right into the review!

I refuse to call Spider-Gwen "Spider-Woman". She's not. Jessica Drew is the ONLY Spider-Woman in my book. I'd call Spider-Gwen "Ghost Spider" before anything else but that's a topic not entirely related to her POP version. So as far as Spider-Gwen in the movie, she's actually quite charming. Her POP form doesn't exactly represent her image in the movie... since Miles ends up messing up her hair. Regardless, I like both versions of her hairstyle, albeit I like her 'full hair' better. As far as her costume goes, it pretty much follows her original look with the only difference is giving her 'ballet shoes' rather than just keeping her teal shoes as flats. The laces tied around her ankles and shins adds a little something, though honestly, had they stayed true to the original design, it would not have been a bad thing at all. Again, Marvel Rising does more to "Ghost Spider's" costume, but let's see if that show omits some POPs.

Glad they went with "Spider-Gwen" for the POP title. Had they gone with what Gwen falsely called herself... the one and only Spider-Woman, it would have definitely forced me not to buy this POP. As far as the rest of the wave, I will probably pass.

The sculpting is a normal POP so there's no real complaint nor do I have any big praises for it. It looks good, that much is obvious and that's all I can really ask for. As far as the character that this POP is trying to represent, it does a fine job doing so, stylized in Funko's signature that blends the character's design in an over exaggerated form, it's easy to see that is none other than Gwen Stacy in her Spider-Gwen outfit without the hood and the mask. The posture is a bit out of place for me. Sure Gwen seems to be a bit more of a ballet spider-gal in the movie, landing in her tip toes and wearing those ballet shoes and all, but honestly, what kind of pose is this for a Spider-like person? Sure it's feminine and in more ways than one it could be alluring and/or sexy, but I don't think it fits Spider-Gwen/Ghost-Spider a whole lot. Least, not with the leg poised like that. It's not terrible but it just doesn't spell "Spider-Gwen" for me.

The execution of colors is more than adequate. Hard to mess up Spider-Gwen's color palette and since this is Funko's second time around, they shouldn't have too much trouble. The hair also seems right and surprisingly, I like the sculpting done to it.

Speaking of second time around, here she is next to the comic book version of Spider-Gwen, hooded and all. Again, not too much differences with the color scheme and the over all design of her costume. Just some minor changes. Oh, and there is an unmasked version of the first Spider-Gwen released but I didn't bother to get her.

Even with the odd pose, I think this is a fine addition to my POPulation. Not a must, but I couldn't help snagging her with the sale the store I saw her in was offering. I enjoyed the Into the Spider-Verse movie and definitely enjoyed Gwen, so why not? But chances are, she'll be the only one from the wave I'll be getting and I'm okay with that.

Until Next Time!

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