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Funko POP: Spider-Woman (Mattie Franklin)

In celebration of Madame Web, here we go. We got ourselves another Spider-Woman to review! And no, she ain't exactly someone who we consider one of the best to have donned the moniker and tights. From far it. BUT, she's something and she has a POP. Enough of all that though. Let's get to the review.

Another POP that is part of the "Beyond Amazing" Spider-Man POP line. I'm all for it. While she wasn't a huge hitter in Spider-Man's stories, she was, I guess, relevant for the revival of Kraven? Maybe? I'm not sure if that's a shining beacon but still, she's here as a POP and she's a decent addition for those wanting to grow their Spiderverse collection. I know I am. Besides, her costume--her MAIN ONE-- isn't horrendous. I can't honestly say that I've read a single issue of her run but nothing about the style or the premise grabbed my attention so there's that. She might be a fun character too bad she's not marketed to be that way. Besides, being under Jess and Julia's shadow? Tough climb, Mattie!

I'm sure the three Mattie Franklin fans out there is definitely happy to have a piece of plastic for their fallen Spider-Woman, right?

This Spider-Woman is also a bobblehead!

Her outfit, in terms of spandex design, isn't anything crazy. It looks pretty accurate when talking about the design and patterns (we'll talk about colors in a bit). Mattie even has her spider-legs in POP form so I'm all down for that. The legs are sculpted just fine with minimal details which, from what I remember, adheres to the comic book design. I believe they're organic. Her hair is accurate. The pose isn't anything crazy but at least they gave her a semi-dynamic posture. She looks like she's about to start some action so I'm happy about that!

Again, not a whole lot of details with the legs--but least she got a full set unlike the OG Iron Spider!

The colors, for the most part, are great. Though I always pictured Mattie to be red and blue, akin to Parker's original outfit. But I guess I could be wrong. Regardless, the red is done pretty well and the black is also not too bad. There is a slight red mark on her left eye and some kind of shiny spot on the back of her head. The dark brown for the hair adds a good lighter color compared to the suit's black color. All in all, I like it.

Again, easy to spot that red mark, right? Someone slipped the hand, for sure.

Mattie Franklin is considered a Spider-Woman but honestly, there's only one "Spider-Woman" in this trio. Speaking of... we need a Julia Carpenter POP.

This is more her speed... nothing against Mayday or Anya, of course. Honestly, the latter two probably got more mileage with their web-swinging than Mattie ever did even if she has both Jess and Julia's powersets.

This was an easy purchase for me. Now to be transparent, I got her for a very good deal. Would I have gotten her eventually had it not been for the discount? Probably not. Would I have gotten her eventually? Probably. She's a decent POP. Not great. But for the few that are Mattie Franklin fans, you've got your wish on a POP for this version of Spider-Woman!

Until Next Time!

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