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Funko POP: Stan Lee

It's been some time since I've gotten some new things for my collection. There's a reason for that. But I did get a wave of preorders this month and a few of them are #POPs. And with the passing of the Legendary Stan Lee, it's only right I grabbed this special variant of him. So, without further adieu, let's check this POP out.

Stan Lee is going to be another special POP that I won't be taking out of the box. Much like The Collector and my extra Spider-Woman POP, he'll have the special case to ensure that his box won't get damaged and mangled--worn out through time. I think it's a fitting way to keep a piece of the legend in my collection. Now since were are just going to be mostly looking at the box, I want to point the attention to the "POP ICONS" logo. By all right, Stan Lee would fit the comic books or movie logo, but since he is an Icon, this is definitely more adequate. I also like the comic book speech bubble that holds Stan Lee's name. All in all, the aesthetics of the box it's something I can appreciate.

Number 7? I wonder who are the previous six icons.

Stan Lee's signature is a nice golden font color. Definitely stands out and adds more aesthetics. The background are comic book panels with Spider-Man being a prominent picture--Peter Parker is Stan Lee's baby creation. Now the Hero Initiative is something I wasn't aware of. I won't go in details but click on the link I provided to read more about what it's about. A heart warming response to the dark side of the comic book industry.

Oh wow! That gathered some dust through the photoshoot!

The Stan Lee POP has an aged bronze(?) like statue look to it, which, again, like most ancient and valuable wonders from the past, this is how they would look. I think Funko did a magnificent job giving this POP that kind of look. The paint job and all the sparse shading of teal over the gold-like/bronze dominant paint definitely compliments each other. As for Stan Lee himself, he has a casual outfit, well sculpted, and that classic giant glasses that's stylized for the POP look. If I was to take a guess, the look they are going for is the look we saw Stan Lee in during his FINAL cameo in Endgame:

It's not the look that I think of when I picture Stan Lee, but for a lot of the people involved on #MCU. Pretty cool homage.

Here is Stan Lee next to my other "MIB" #POPs. I doubt these will have any significant value in the future, which, I don't collect for that reason. But, yes, I have three of them now. I have a feeling this November I'm going to gain another one.... *hint*.

With that said, I think this is a wonderful addition in my #POP collection. Again, I don't have ALL of my guys lined up and decorating, but hey, I know I have a huge collection that will get more flare with this homage piece right next to them. Stan Lee is a legend and if it was not for him and the pioneers of the comic book industry, I don't know where my fandom would be.

RIP, Stan Lee! Excelsior!

Until Next Time!

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