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Funko POP: Supreme Strange (Statue)

Another POP from the Collector Corps gift! This is another unique POP in terms of the color scheme and the gimmick.

This is kind of an odd addition if I was to be honest. But as I'll talk about later on, I really do think this is very unique and appreciated one. As far as the other POPs, I passed and will keep passing the figurines other than maybe a Wanda or two.

Also a bobblehead!

As a POP, it's definitely got something going for it other than the usual figurine. The POP is based on a statue so the color scheme is not only there as a gimmick but it IS the color of the statue. It's also a good pick for a POP and mostly accurate to the movie. I love how his cloak just extends out there in a regal and prominent way. All in all, it's a spot-on-pick for the pose of this version of Dr. Strange. The details on Strange's outfit are there--even the attention to Strange's lack of goatee is also something I can appreciate. The 'stand', which represents the statue's base also has some intricacy. The Eye of Agamatto sculpt along with other designs makes this a treat to look at. Probably one of the most well-designed POP stands out there.

That cloak movement is something else! A Superhero cape extravaganza!

The coloring for this guy is at another level for a 'gimmick' POP. They could've easily just gone with a mundane coat of paint but they didn't. They gave that bronze (?) paint and added some black wash over it, giving the POP this inorganic hard surface look. It genuinely looks like a statue. A+ in this department, that much I can say.

Here are some of Stephen Strange POPs. All are from Multiverse of Madness and 2 out of the 3 are from my good friend.

The unfortunate news is that I don't have this on display. He actually went to storage. WHY, right? If I liked him so much why is it boxed up? Room--space. I don't have them anymore. But I do appreciate this POP for what it tried to do and did. Great details, an amazing paint job, and a cool concept. Once I get more space, this thing will definitely be displayed pronto. A worthy addition, for sure.

Until Next Time!

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