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Funko POP: Tracer

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

Got another #POP on the line up! This time, another hottie from the Overwatch world! Let's not waste time! Let's get right into the review!

Cavalry's here! A Tracer POP in my collection is a long time coming honestly. Took me a while but now I finally have one. And not sure if I'm going to get into the others. Will see. Definitely need to get Widowmaker in my collection for sure!

Come to think of it, I think this is for Overwatch 2. Maybe. Well, Tracer didn't get that much of a haul in her outfit anyway.

There are many things that make me like Tracer's design. She's got a nice earth-tone look with some military and spunk style to them. Her personality is also quite attractive to many--she's got the jubilance, the positivity, and the go-get-em attitude. And just about everything with Tracer is just worth admiring.... trust me. As far as her POP, it's actually well done. She has her classic pose as she is "zipping" (not sure what that move is called! I don't actually play Overwatch) through with her guns ready. I do like the action pose and the transparent light blue plastic definitely adds some spectacle to it. The sculpting is also well done and with Tracer's pretty complex design, the details are mostly there. The goggles definitely stick out and I love it. Also, that rebellious-looking hair. Short-haired gals are usually not my thing but Tracer definitely pulls it off! Funko does a fine job incorporating that despite the stylized limitations.

YES. Of, course. Love her design.

I've already mentioned her earth-toned color scheme and how it's mostly a dark color with a warmth to it thanks to the light orange for her spandex. The goggles also bounce off the dark brown leather of her jacket and then that bright blue plastic definitely creates a good contrast. All in all, I can't complain.

Here is POP Tracer next to her Figma counterpart.

Here is POP Tracer next to POP Sombra. I still think Sombra would kick her butt.

Action, style, and likeness. This POP definitely has some good traits. Tracer isn't my top gal but she is on there. Having a POP of her definitely feels right in the collection! I can definitely recommend to those who are a fan of her.

Until Next Time!

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