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Funko POP: Wet Bandits (Review)

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

As I said, I will be dishing out some POP reviews for a bit here! The first to tackle on the list are Holiday favorite movie: Home Alone's protagonists, the Wet Bandits! Yes, that's right! Marv and Harry are joining the fray of my #POP collection!

I decided to review these two as a duo because, how can you not, really?

Again, this is a holiday themed POP so I will only be dispalying them during the festive season (going to be looking at this post when that times comes!).

The unfortunate thing is, I don't have Kevin. He is a must and I will find him one of these days!

Now going on to a solo review for a second, let's take a look at POP Harry. It represents the character well, it has the basic recognizable things that makes this Harry from #Home_Alone. The neat thing about him is that he has the burnt head from one of Kevin's contraption, so points for putting that detail in! Though I will say that either Harry does not stand well, or I have a QC version since I have to lean Harry on something. His feet are angled so it makes his head backwards heavy (thus why he will be leaning on Marv a lot of the time).

POP Marv on the other hand, steals the show(no pun intended). Maybe because I found him to be the favorite between the two bandits, or maybe because he gets more sculpting, more color, and that iron mark on his face just keeps reminding me of that classic moment from the movie. I got these them together, but if I was to choose between the two, Marv would be my guy! Also, he doens't have issues standing like Harry.

See? Standing issues!

All in all, these POPS are well worth it! I love these guys and they bring that special moment with how classic Home Alone is. Though I am not sure why they did not inclue stands that would have definitely helped Harry's issue. Still, Marv hits the mark and together, these two are worthy of the FUNKO POP line up!

Until Next Time!

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