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Funko POP: White Ranger

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

As you all should know by now, I am a Power Ranger fan way back when and these days, I still pay homage to my old time fandom. Adding another #POP in my collection can't hurt so here we are with a POP White Ranger! Let's get on with the review!

Ah! The classic Might Morphin Power Rangers logo and that very vibrant font/color scheme! Gotta love it! It also has that green backdrop that is a reminiscent of the television sensation from the 90s. While the White Ranger was a later addition to the MMPR run and not part of the original color scheme, he definitely is one of the popular Power Ranger that ever came out of the color spectrum.

While I don't necessarily get POPs to complete a set/series, something like the Power Rangers is tempting. We'll see though.

I've always liked the White Ranger outfit more than the Green Ranger's. Maybe because it's a totally different "Sentai" team that had the White Ranger as a leader. That and Saba was a bit more impressive than the Dragonzord dagger to me. His design also deviates from the normal look of the other Rangers a lot, which is of course due to the fact that the suit is from a different series originally. I also like the amalgamation of the white, gold, and black, and these little details are all taken into consideration with this POP.

Sculpted work rather than just paint ons gives POP more value in my eyes. Since they are already stylized and lose some of the aesthetics of the character and/or character designs it's important to leave some depth and I think POP does a great job at that most of the time with their figures. White Ranger's 'whiskers' and the seperate plastic of the gold and white really does the trick.

His pose isn't anything dynamic, but I believe this is a second release since the Original POP White Ranger had the 'original neutral' stance of past POPs and lacking Saba.

The colors are pretty well done. I like the "flat" white color with the gold and black. Although the gold is not as metallic and as vibrant as it should be, it still does a fine job making a POP version of the White Ranger. I can't complain much. Clean work and good color palettes really make for a spot on White Ranger POP.

Speaking of other Power Rangers, here's Tommy next to Kimberly, the Pink Ranger, the one that got away from him! Honestly, they look fantastic together both in POP and TV version.

All in all, it's a solid POP. Again, I was a huge fan of the White Ranger when he first came out and to catch a simple action figure of him is always a treat. Again, I won't find myself collecting the whole Power Rangers, least I don't think so, but with how clean and fun both the White and the Pink Rangers are, I just might. Other than that, hope you enjoyed my toy review!

Until Next Time!

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