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Funko POP: Wolverine (50th / Gaijin Damaged)

Updated: Jun 29

Here we have another POP to showcase from Wolverine's 50th anniversary. Exclusive to, I was very excited to grab this one! So without further adieu, let's look into this Wolverine POP, shall we?

I have a couple of these already. I'm a pretty big Wolverine fan and I've always liked his "Autumn" or "Gaijin" costume better. Something about that Brown and tan color. Random... can we get an X-Force Wolverine with the red eyes, please?

This guy is a bobblehead

How hard is it to get a Gaijin Wolverine in POP? Well, I know, we have one now but I didn't think we'd get one that's not inside a comic book cover POP. And while I do appreciate this POP, it is battle-damaged, not a regular, fully masked version. But getting past that, this is a good POP. The pose still looks like he's ready to go at it but feels the bumps from the brawl. The torn mask is well done and the transition between masked and then a fully bushy hair is also pretty smooth. That gritting teeth, the exhausted look, the damage on his costume, it lives up to the battle-damaged title. The claws are good, the costume details are there, I'd say it's a win.

Now the paint job isn't as clean as I would like. The lining between hair and skin on the ripped-mask side is a bit more obvious; it's like they didn't go deeper with the black to finish the rest of his hair. They missed a few lines for sure and it undermines the good sculpting done on the face by a small margin. One can also see some missing black paint on the back of the mask. With the unproportioned head size being part of POP's style, it's hard to ignore some mishaps. Luckily the rest of the figure is just fine. The choice of brown and yellow mix in well and the red belt is a welcomed contrast. The silver for his claws is vibrant and cleanly done. The part of his gloves that the claws come out of though--always bugs me when they're not colored silver. They also do it in the comics and another coloring mishap for Gaijin Wolverine.

The Classic Yellow Wolverine next to his Fall/Gaijin Wolverine. A one-on-one comparison with a non-damaged Gaijin Wolverine would always be a nice shot next to his classic counterpart, but this is what we got and they look good together!

Recommend? Yes. I have some issues, a little, but honestly, it's a good POP. As a sucker for the 1980s look, this is a great catch. Quality control for paint aside though, It's an easy recommendation, for sure. Though if it's ever in the wild, do try and check for paint mishaps. Might be hard though since it's a exclusive.

Until Next Time!

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