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Funko POP: Wonder Woman (Challenge of the Gods)

Updated: Jan 20

And yes, here we are with another Wonder Woman #POP from the WW series! If one can't tell, I'm definitely enjoying them--some more than others but that's a different story. With that said, let's get to this one because this particular POP is quite neat!

I have zero idea what "Challenge of the Gods" is all about but judging from Diana's 'old fashioned' armor style, I'd say she's in Olympus or something... taking on the challenge of the Gods.... most l likely. If I ever get the courage, the might be on the list when I actually jump back on comic books.

Even the promo shots is quite amazing. Again, I love this look and this pose!

The helmet is one of the main attraction of the POP. The wing on its helmet definitely stands out, but over all, the ridges and such on the helmet, the pony tail--definitely regal and warrior-esque looking. The rest of Diana's outfit also has some attention as well. Loving the cape and shield, the mostly all red top, and then the spear, while contorted for my piece, still finishes the entire look overall! The pose also has a 'battle ready' stance which isn't too distracting to allow all of the little details to be shown. Well done.

This angle definitely shows more of those deets that makes this POP worthwhile!

The colors pop (no pun). The execution with the plastic-color choices, paint job, and how it all looks just did plenty for this POP. That metallic gold just really does plenty. Even the little details on her top and skirt, while 'muddy'--it's still sharp enough to make it well known. I do adore how they've really made this an undercard best!

Speaking of armored Wonder Woman and metallic gold, here is POP Clash of the Gods WW next to POP WW (Flashpoint). While Flashpoint WW isn't my favorite look for her, the color execution on both is definitely well done on both. Though I have a feeling that WW Clash of the Gods isn't as ruthless as WW Flashpoint. Just a feeling.

I didn't expect to like this as much as I do but there was something that caught my attention since I saw it on the promo shots over at Amazon. I'm not sure if I can say it's my favorite but as of right now, from the Wonder Woman POPs that I have, it' high up there. There are others coming, but this is definitely front-in-line high up there! Let's see where she stands when the rest 'completes' the set. But I highly recommend her though!

Until Next Time!

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