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Funko POP: Wonder Woman #6 DCU Rebirth (Comic Cover)

Updated: Feb 10

#Funko has so much gimmicks and series with their #POP line that I am having a little bit of a hard time keeping up. Not that I intended to collect every single one and buy every piece I see when it comes to the gigantic product known as POP--however when it comes to my fandoms, I do have a deep pocket when it comes to it. With that said, here's another one. POP's series called "Comic Book Covers". So let's get into it!

Again, since this is based on comic book covers, I will be showing the comic book cover this POP is based on. And if I ever get future additions from this line, I will be doing the same. To be honest, this kind of goes in line with the POP: Batman & Catwoman Moment. And other than the comic book cover that pretty much makes the acrylic box as big as it is, the Moment and Comic Book covers seem to go in line with each other in terms of what they are trying to accomplish. And to be honest, the POP and the comic book cover itself has very little in common other than having Wonder Woman as a POP. I understand not having the extra Amazons and the fixture that Diana is on would make things a bit more hefty in price, the fact that Wonder Woman's pose doesn't try too hard to replicate the pose Wonder Woman had in the comic book cover. And I do understand that it's not easy and I said, trying to fully copy the comic book cover would definitely change the price point. But seriously though...

It's a pretty standard POP all things considered. In fact, the POP itself, much like the POP Music (Black Parade & Hybrid Theory), is actually pretty 'common' feel. The acrylic box surrounding it with the comic book cover as the backdrop is definitely the main gimmick. Learning from the Hybrid Theory, I didn't try to pry the Wonder Woman POP out of her stand knowing that it's a permanent fixture on the comic book cover itself.

It's a nice looking POP figure. It's a nice idea. But much like the POP music, I may not dip my wallet into another one because of how limited it is. Yes, it's a great idea if the comic book cover is right and when it comes to Wonder Woman, there are other comic book covers or comic book moment that I definitely think fits for me. But they, we'll see if I go this route, eh?

Until Next Time!

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