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Funko POP: Wonder Woman (Flashpoint)

It continues! Going into the Elseworlds shenanigans, we are now going to take a look at Wonder Woman when she took on a more warmongering persona during the Flashpoint events. Let's take a look the #POP iteration of her, shall we?

The only solid reference I have with Wonder Woman and how she was on Flashpoint was the animated movie about Flashpoint. Not exactly the most regarded source since 'the modern DC movies', but it is a source nonetheless. Let me just say, she is definitely a far cry from who she is in her canonical form. She's ruthless and did I mention she's war mongering? Yeah....

I have a wind up for the ones I have snatched up on this list. I mean, I might do something extravagant.

Diana is fully armored. She has a helmet, she doesn't show off legs, she barely shows her face, and can we just say she's fully armored? She's full on ready to just tally up the kill count and not care about names. And even if she's in stylized POP form, it's quite obvious that she's a menacing figure. The spikes on his helmet, the command presence of the armor, sword in tow, the details are quite present. There's actually a lot of details placed in this POP. The pose, while simple in some ways, definitely says a lot about the Elseworld Diana. I definitely think there's plenty care placed on this version of this beloved Wonder Woman.

Through her blade reminds me of a rapier rather than something I would imagine an Amazonian of DC universe would be wielding

While the white cape covering the rest of the color details of the blue, red, and silver, that gold helmet, decked out in metallic color and on a very stylized and humongous head-- stands prominent. A lot off metallic paint job and a lot of variations of colors--all the love for her comic design! She is bright and shiny; quite a polar opposite of how she really is within this Elseworld.

It's actually a pretty good looking POP. While this might not be my personal favorite version of Wonder Woman, I will say that it is a good addition and variation of Diana. It's not gonna be the stand out POP of this series but I don't regret having her. I recommend her. A good POP and definitely a good catch for Wonder Woman enthusiast.

Until Next Time!

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