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Funko POP: Wonder Woman (Golden Age)

Updated: Jul 9

Classic Wonder Woman in #POP form! Suffice to say this was a long time coming. Wonder Woman's anniversary just passed garnered quite a bit of merchandise so I just jumped on board and grabbed this one. There are a myriad of reasons but the most important one is that I am a collector of POPs! Is this worthy? Let's find out!

She's been around for a while now. It's not a total exaggeration that she was the "first" of the super heroines. Although there were other heroines before her and a handful more existing the same time as her during the golden age, it is without a doubt that Wonder Woman came out with more prominence. Funny how that is with her content and how she was usually depicted (more on that later).

There are others in the series aside from what is being shown here. I'm tempted to get her other ones if I was to be honest. Her "Red Son" and "Black Lantern" version is quite nice.

I also like the box and how it is unique to Wonder Woman and her anniversary. Still the same Funko that we know but with a bit more nuance for Diana Prince.

Wonder Woman comes out with a star spangled shorts, the familiar boots, bracelets, red top with the gold eagle, and the tiara. Funny enough, this isn't actually Diana's first Golden Age outfit--she came in wearing a skirt but they quickly realized that she'll be spending a lot of her time doing kicks, upside-down and the likes. Her hair is also a bit more fo the time and over the years little and major things changed Wonder Woman's attire. All in all, the #POP version of her golden age is pretty well done with the details to mirror her look at that time. She also comes with a sword and shield--something I can't say for sure she used during her golden years. But I do like the fact that they included it. Her pose is rather vanilla and having weapons in her hands adds that action-like feel to it even if she isn't doing anything particularly dynamic.

The sculpt is anything different from what we expect. Again, like a broken record, it's not bad nor is it something that excels expectations. I like it, it fits, there is detail where needed and colors where it's supposed to be.

Speaking of colors, this POP is vibrant! Like most of their comic book based POPs, Funko ensured that Diana gets that nice bright sheen over her and I like it. It's very reminiscent of her olden days that's for sure. I also like the metallic shine on the things that should have that look: tiara, shield, belt, etc. The hair is a bit on the greyish side but not going to complain. Executed well so who am I to complain?

And here she is next to her POP DCEU Wonder Woman (or 'modern' Wonder Woman). One can see the evolution of the Amazon Princess through the decades. Truth to be told, DCEU/Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman costume is as loyal as can be while still having some contemporary qualities to it. I do enjoy both, that's for sure.

And here is POP Golden Age Wonder Woman next to other POP DC gals (POP Huntress, POP AS Batgirl, POP PX Harley Quinn, and POP Supergirl). All of these gals are from different generations through the costume that are represented. Clearly Golden Age Wonder Woman is the one that dates further back. I'd say they look good together.

And now, a little bit of 'historical' preference when it comes to Golden Age Wonder Woman. And what's this? Wonder Woman in bondage... who would've known, right? Yes, this is her golden age. In fact, bondage is one of her weakness in the past! It's basically a kink and a parody at times (the first definitely MOST times). And yes, this is a big factor for me getting this POP. Call me whatever you'd like, I ain't ashamed of it!

Preference aside, I'd say this is a pretty solid POP. Not a lot when it comes to dynamic pose or anything but all in all, it's got a good paint, a historical representation of Wonder Woman, and for those who are fans of the Amazon Princess, it's definitely a must. I can recommend her. I truly enjoy having her part of my collection.

Until Next Time!

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