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Funko POP: Wonder Woman (The Contest)

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

This Wonder Woman outfit! Woo boy! Definitely 90s vibe no doubt about it! Well, no use of stalling! Let's get right into the review of this #POP!

I don't remember the exact storyline as to why Diana changed into this outfit. I believe it had something to do with her losing the right to be Wonder Woman so she ditched the tiara, the belt, the bracelets, and the star-spangled panties in return for edgier, black leather-like duds. Yeah, not sure if that means she's edgier or just trying to be saucier. Regardless, this outfit didn't last long and I'm all for change and showing skin but this ain't the right fit. But at least she went back to the classic duds. I'm also glad they placed this in POP form.

My, oh my! How the collection is growing these days, eh?

I feel like they were experimenting on Wonder Woman during this time thus this new costume. I can't remember the overall reception but I can almost bet that people wanted the classic back. But still, this has some merit even if it's a worthy footnote in Diana's history. The pose given leans on neutral but still has some action to it—might be a moment in the comic from all I know. But it works just fine. The sculpting work is there, truly making the jacket, belt, and bracelets stick out. I do like the shorter hairstyle and the way it's fashioned. All in all, the things that need to happen to make this outfit look familiar in POP form are all there. Can't complain.

The color scheme of this outfit is what made it stand out for me when I first saw it. The red, white, and blues are all background colors and the black is the dominant scheme. Again, the 90s--edgier and darker, I suppose. Funko pulled it off just fine, though I feel the jacket, from what I remember could be a little brighter but given how it bounces off the black now it worked out just fine.

Here is POP Wonder Woman (The Contest) next to POP Wonder Woman (Odyssey) version. Both represent a time in Wonder Woman's long career that saw Diana go through costume changes that may or may not have provoked a vocal fanbase. Imagine that now with how "everyone" has a voice with the internet.

It's a neat addition to the POP Wonder Woman lineup for sure. Not my favorite look for Wonder Woman but I do appreciate it for the time and what it represents. I can't say that this is a must if one isn't trying to collect the series--but all in all, it's not a bad POP with clean coloring, decent pose, and the sculpting doesn't fall off Funko's usual. It's got some merits for sure.

Until Next Time!

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