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Funko POP: Wonder Woman (White Lantern)

Updated: Jan 20

#POP Wonder Woman comes back into my collecting shenanigans after taking a small hiatus. This time around, it's Wonder Woman in her White Lantern attire! Yes, there's a White Lantern Diana! Let's check it out in her POP form, shall we?

Yep. There's the list! It's going to get updated, that's for sure! Got more of them within the last few weeks since initially buying this one!

This look is okay. It's not terrible but it's not my favorite look for Diana. Of all the Lantern suits she has worn, this definitely isn't the worst one but it's not high up there. But it does have its merits! It combines the Wonder Woman classic design, gives it a white and silver shine and boom. The Tiara gets the White Lantern logo and all in all, it's a pretty simple and by the book redesign. The pose definitely helps set this POP apart since she is in a flying pose with a base assisting the hovering posture. I definitely think that the pose is the POP's selling point for me.

Silver for the linings and anything that was gold (except the lasso), and white for everything else. Of course she has her skin which is still flesh colored, and then her hair is gigantic black slab. It's an overall well put together piece color wise.

I love the way the tiara logo came out! I also love the white eyes!

Here is POP White Lantern Wonder Woman next to POP Sinestro Corp Wonder Woman. The Sinestro Corp Wonder Woman definitely ventured away from the classic look of Wonder Woman far more than the White Lantern. Both still have the same posture idea with using the ring, of course.

Pretty standard and on point POP. The Blackest Nights saga was interesting and it was nice to see some of the DC familiar faces in an all white version of their costumes. While I didn't see it as a permanent outfit, I did like Wonder Woman's version. Seeing it as a POP definitely isn't something I would dislike. Though I doubt it's something I can 100% recommend unless someone is trying to be a completionist with this series.

Until Next Time!

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