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Funko POP: Wreck-it-Ralph

Updated: May 5, 2019

The POP Wreck-it-Ralph from Ralph Breaks the Internet is a #2018 catch that I didn't really have the time to review during the busy Holiday season. Regardless, here he is now and ready to be reviewed! Let's get right to POP Ralph!

I've reviewed more than enough POPs that the boxes are all similar but different in their own way. This box obviously tries to borrow a lot of the color palette from Wreck-it-Ralph 2/Ralph Breaks the Internet. It also has the wifi sign, the mouse, and obviously, the (in)famous logo of the movie itself. Again, I'm not deep into the boxes of action figures these days especially not POPs since I take the figures out for display anyways, but I can always appreciate the designs and attention to the details that makes each series of POPs unique and stand out. Overall, I've always loved how #POP is able to remain consistent with their box design, which is a design I like a lot because it allows the customer to see the product inside and at the same time get treated with a good enough styled box.

While I like the majority of the characters in the Wreck-it-Ralph lore, I will probably stick with just the main ones like Ralph and Vanellope.

For a normal sized POP, Wreck-it-Ralph is actually a beast. He has some size to him and that's not at all unexpected since Ralph is a big character in the movies. His design reminds me of Mario but just less lucky in his gaming life. He has the overalls but they're ripped and tattered, he has no shoes, he has button cup crew neck that is also ripped up (but the designs are quite clever since they replicate pixelated format), and then of course there's his gaming position: he is a bad guy. Anyone who watched the first Wreck-it-Ralph got introduced to his story and he got over that. Still, he remained the same wrecking machine with a big gold heart. Which is why this posture works so well despite the change of heart. He has two closed fists as if he's ready to pound someone into the ground and he is standing there with a stance that is ready to do just that. Combine that with how well he is sculpted with little details on his folded and tattered clothing, the layers of buttoned shirt, the hole-y pants and we're well off. Something I want to note is that this is some of the best sculpting on a hair that I have noticed on a POP. I'm not sure if it just stands out to me more because there are a ton of spikes here and there, I just have to say that I'm impressed more than I usually am.

Again, look at that sculpt! And then there's the paint job which is pretty good in my opinion. It replicates Ralph's color from his movie appearance and it's easily recognizable. Sharply done and I don't see anything imperfections with the pain job!

Here's Ralph next to Vanellope from the sequel. Awesome pair!

All in all, there's not much to complain about this POP. Clean paint, good posture, and resembles the character in this stylized form. I like both Wreck-it-Ralph movies with two still boggling my mind in both good and somewhat bad ways so Ralph is a must for me. All in all, I'm glad I have this POP of Ralph and I recommend it to any fans of the movie and/or these characters.

Until Next Time!

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