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Funko POP: Yara Flor (Wonder Girl)/POPs! with a Purpose

It's Wonder Girl this time and not Wonder Woman! Although I'm pretty sure we're getting more of Diana and her other world versions. For now though, let's enjoy the new Wonder Girl, shall we?

"POPs! With a Purpose" is the theme of this specific POP. Since this is my first time having one of these in my collection, I'll summarize it as such: POPs with these stickers and descriptions are basically meant for charity. Buying the POP will donate a sum off the earnings to whatever the event is for. For Yara, she is representing Andrea Bautista Gomez--the description says it all better than how I can word it so have a read. Definitely for a good purpose!

Will definitely get more POPs in the future under the banner of POPs! With a Purpose.

For me, it's easy to see this new Wonder Girl's appeal. First off, that outfit is pretty darn awesome. It's a unique take on the Wonder Woman look that goes out of it way to be different but still oddly familiar to the original. She's got all these gold that translates to armor, the "Wonder Woman" symbol, and the neat thing is that her outfit isn't symmetrical, which adds some flare. She has the blue and red as inner clothing to contrasts the armor, and then LEGS. She's got a darker tone than Diana and Cassie so it's a nice contrasts to established WW. The POP design really fed off said design and the sculpted piece represents her armor, and they gave her a pose to allow her design to shine while also allowing for a standard WW pose. She has a variation of the classic magic lasso so she has to show that off. Good stuff both in design and Funko's showing of the character through their stylized form.

Love the hair movement too!

I do like the coloring job. I love the contrasts of the red, blue, gold--not to mention the all black hair and her dark tanned skin really puts it all together. I love it within the comic book panels, I love it in Funko stylized fashion.

Yara was a hit in the year she came out. She's a good example (like Spider-Gwen) where you can feed off an old name but still make it work on their own terms. Not sure how sustainable the notion once the novelty wears off, but hey, Spider-Gwen and Wonder Girl is still about and when merchandise like this Yara POP definitely says something. Helps that they are executed with style too and I do love this POP. I recommend her not only for the figure but also because it has a purpose.

Until Next Time!

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