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Funko SODA: Agent Anti-Venom (Chase)

Welps, another #SODA in my feed! Another Agent Venom? Well, this one is actually a special one so let's just get on with the review, shall we?

This is, of course, a very similar piece I grabbed not too long ago. Actually, I got the two together. But more on that later. The SODA can is, of course, quite familiar with this series.

Wait, that's not Agent Venom! You're right. That's Agent Anti-Venom. I know, comics are weird. But basically, he's the new iteration of Agent Venom since the Symbiote had to go back to Eddie Brock somehow, right? Speaking of the SODA figurine, well, it's pretty obvious. This is a variant.

A Chase Variant, mind you! While I don't collect SODAs religiously as much as I do with #POPs, I do have a few and I now have two chases in hand: Chernabog and Anti-Venom. And they let it be known that the 'pog' lets the collector know that we gained a chase variant. Good for me!

Agent Anti-Venom has one outstanding difference from Agent Venom: the contrasting color scheme. A complete flipped of colors where the white is dominant and the black becomes the eyes and the symbol. Now I'm sure power there's a difference but all in all, it's more or less, the same guy. Aesthetically is where I gravitate and its SODA figurine iteration definitely carries on that notion. It's got the same details, of course, since it's the same figurine as Agent Venom so there's not much to say about it in terms of new input.

I do like the fact that they kept the gun black. Shows that there is someone out there paying attention to details.

The inverted colors are done well. I like the different shades of white used for the body and the spikes, utility belt, and boots. One can see the sculpting work with the brighter colors too so I appreciate it. The inverted black logo is also done quite well.

Here is SODA Agent Anti-Venom next to the non-chase version, SODA Agent Venom. I do like the contrast! Both are sharp and shaped perfectly!

I pre-ordered the two SODAs from Entertainment Earth not expecting to hit a chase and here I am. Again, not the biggest enthusiast when it comes to SODAs but I do enjoy them for what they are and every once in a while I delve into them. Glad I got these two and for anyone who wants a figurine with some fun details, Agent Venom and Anti-Venom got some of those to give out. I definitely recommend it to those who are interested. Well, that's about it then!

Until Next Time!

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