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Gameranx: Mass Effect Trilogy (News)

I was already excited for this, but here we are with some updated from Gameranx about what is going to be happening. I was a massive fan of the trilogy and Mass Effect 2 is one of my favorite games of all time! So Im' down! Let's go!

But taking out some classic shots? While it's not going to break the game for me at all, I am going to question if they are going to take all of it out. Maybe I'm being a bit too focused on certain ass-pects, but hey, I'm a guy who happens to like my video game waifus acting lewd and a bit inappropriate in the most inappropriate times. Get your pitchforks at me! It's not gonna change how I see and want to see things, ya know!

Regardless, I am excited for this game! I know it's just a remake that I have played before, but hey, I'm always down to replay some classics with some modern day graphics and love! May 14, 2021!

Until Next Time!

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