• Onyx

RE 2 Remake: Surviving as Claire Redfield

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

I mentioned on my FIRST POST of 2019, I was going to play Resident Evil 2 Remake. I didn't buy it on its initial release. In fact, I was pondering between RE2R or KH3 but obviously I made my choice with Resident Evil 2. Why? I'm not exactly sure but maybe I wanted something a little bit more darker and engaging? Whatever the reason was I chose this game so here I am. So what are my thoughts? Let's get it down on this blog, shall we?

Like the original game I played some odd years ago, we are given two choices of character to pick from: Leon Kennedy or Claire Redfield. The Rookie Cop and the Hot Young College Girl.

Claire Redfield: Made in Heaven

It should come as no surprise that I picked Claire for my first run.

On a superficial level, yes I picked Claire because she's a hot female protagonist who I happened to have a crush on way back in 1998. I played my first game as Claire back then and I wanted to redo some of that during my remake play through. I also like her new design which is pretty modern and made sense for the zombie apocalypse. It's sexy and attracting without derailing the idea of practicality. It looks like something someone would wear when they are going for a ride or just going out in general (though she probably regret riding her motorcycle especially when the rain started pouring down).