• Onyx

Happy Bday Mickey Mouse & Disneyland 2018

"That's the trouble with the world, too many people grow up."

My annual visit to this wonderful place is over as quickly as it came. Well, it may not have come quick enough but it definitely passed by quicker than I can imagine. Regardless, I had a ton of fun. We were able to catch the Holiday spirit as well and it was amazing.

As much as I can, I will make this happen every year because I feel as if it's something that truly allows that inner child to come out. Sure it's crowded as heck and it's a break on the wallet, but hey, plan carefully and execute with some finesse and it will all go well. I'm glad I went this year, although I didn't stay long enough for Mickey's actual birthday celebration, 11/18/2018, I'm glad I was able to celebrate this year in general.

Happy Birthday Mickey!

Suffice to say, Mickey (Disney/Walt Disney) has had a big influence in my life, my fandom, and all the things I do. Mickey (Disney) is after all responsible for movies like The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Mulan, Tangled, Brave, Moana, and of course, Frozen. The list of my favorite Disney movies list goes on beyond what I just named but those are what really stands out to me as of this moment. Oh, Disney also owns Marvel and we all know that I am a big Marvel fan. Disney also collaborated with Square Enix and at one point Final Fantasy characters walked the same (but different) realm as Mickey, Goofy, and Donal Duck! Imagine that! How about a Birthday Gift to yourself, Mickey... BUY SQUARE ENIX and SAVE THEM! Wouldn't that be something? I digressed! Happy Birthday Mickey! To many, MANY more years of you standing on top of the world.

And... what's a Disneyland trip without going into a room dedicated to Elsa... Anna/Frozen, right? Yes, I met the models for Elsa and Anna but I'll leave those pictures away from here, eh? But I might have missed the pics on the right the first time. I knew about the black haired Elsa, but I didn't see the blue haired one. I might have seen that concept of her at one point but just forgot it. Just cool to see her transformation and how she is now. Still willing to use some of those ideas for my #Frozen_Skyrim fic.

And speaking of breaking my wallet...