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Highschool of the Dead (Cover)

This is an anime I want to talk about someday (time, can you be at my side?). And just to wrap up my thoughts, yes I liked Highschool of the Dead for both the fan service and what story was uncovered in the one season we were given. But at any rate, the opening music is probably one of my favorites and to hear an english cover of it is another blessing. The Unknown Songbird just did an amazing job with this and her lyrics is deeper that Saeko's blade can cut. She puts some real emotions that really sets up a story that I wish could have been fully told. Beyond that, it really hypes me up to take a bat, hang out with hott schoolgirls and kill a bunch of walking dead!


Here's another english cover from AWolfTrick that feels a bit more like an anime opening. The translation is different--go figure with Japanese Translation. The lyrics that's translated for this one isn't as deep but definitely sticking to what we could hear from one of the characters.


Here's the original opening version that I am sharing from Schax314's channel. The intro and the way the anime scenes play out is just really good. Again, one of the best anime openings I have ever watched.


And a live version by the original singer herself, Kishida Kyoudan. The band called Akeboshi Rockets are the ones I assume are the ones who plays the song with her in the anime opening. At any rate, this is a wonderful performance and an even more beautiful editing. The video shared by SuperStarryLogic is something I appreciate. She sounds amazing live and her band makes it even more fantastic! It's makes me remember why I used to love rock like a freaking maniac!


I really wish this anime continued. I know, it's got some issues with leaning to much on the echi/Hentai themes rather than the horror-zombie-apocalypse genre it's based on, but hey, I think if it plays both with the horror being the more prominent idea, I think it would have lasted. Takashi had some work for him with all those lovely ladies!

At any rate, that's all I have. The music is just sublime and I can listen to it all day!

Until Next Time!

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