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Hot Toys: Iron Man MK LXXXV (News)

Updated: May 25, 2019

With #ENDGAME finally coming and still reigning, I thought it would be fitting that I put this on my Masterless.Me's spotlight. Now, I know, usually when I put #HotToys on my blog it usually doesn't happen but .... it's Iron Man and it's Avengers Endgame armor. It's called "Mark 85" and I can speculate what happened to the other thirty armors between Infinity War's MK 50 and Endgame's MK 85 but that means spoilers. As of this given moment, #DontSpoiltheEndgame is still very strong!

Obviously this lovely piece is preordered at SideShowCollectibles. They have a neat little gimmick that allows collectors to have a payment plan on this hefty but magnificent pieces. I have Mark V and Mark VI so I can testify that having a payment plan helps the bank account!

This beauty is not set to release until 2020 so there's time. I'm also very interested at the accessories that they will reveal as time passes by. Maybe there will be an exclusive accessory for preordering this early? Who knows? All I know is that if this is my last Hot Toy, and I'm picturing that it may very well be, this is one of the best ways to end my low number streak on this Toy Series!

Until Next Time!

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