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Into My Thoughts: Frozen 2 Songs

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Frozen was a musical and boy did the music helped elevate the popularity of the first movie. For #Frozen2, everyone was waiting for the new "Let it Go"; a song that will resonate and give that sense of self-empowerment. Did the sequel of the phenomenon known as #Frozen live up to its potential? That's subjective and I guess everyone has a different opinion on which music really struck home or not. For me, each songs hold a special part of the movie and what I liked about Frozen 2. Each brought something to the table and I want to give a brief thought on it. So without further adieu, so let's talk about each one.

"All is Found"

The intro song song is sung by none other than the mother of Elsa and Anna, the late Queen Iduna. It is the song that kept appearing in the movie either through quick snippets of characters singing them and/or melding with another song (more on that later). It also talks about a pivotal place in Frozen 2's lore. Personally, I don't think it's bad and it's sung quite well, but to me, it's just like Frozen's "Frozen Heart" song. It's an intro song that truly doesn't resonate with me other than giving a quick glance at a plot point of the movie.

"Some Things Never Change"

The second song of the movie is actually one I truly adore; might be my favorite. "Some Things Never Change" truly touches on every single aspect of what will be crucial in Frozen 2's conflict, character centered and grand scheme alike. It's not subtle at all in any way, shape or form with the 'hints'. From "an old stone wall that will never fall" to "I can't freeze this moment", this song truly is the cliff notes of what is going to happen in Frozen 2.

Part of the reason why this might be my favorite song is because it has the four---five leads singing together in one song (yes, Sven is a character! He has his 'own voice'). They were teased singing together in "When We're Together" for a brief line, but in Frozen 2, they all sing together and the addition of the choir just makes it one unified and feel good song. The scenery of the festive celebration in Arendelle also adds more to the song and it just shows how the characters have adjusted to their new peaceful life but there's this 'brewing' worry that it won't last or that change will happen. But then there's Anna, the optimistic princess holding on to the idea that things will always be okay and that some things will remain the same even when the seasons change.

To me, this song also has a bit of a love letter from Disney/Frozen Franchise to the fans that has followed, waited, matured, and basically are still here after all these years. I mean, Olaf even briefly breaks the 4th wall and says "... And you all look a little bit older..." before spanning out to the kids he was supposedly talking to as they run into view to the audiences.

Again, a great song that has an upbeat melody, all the characters singing about their conflict and singing together, then, of course, the love letter.

"Into the Unknown"

Supposedly this was supposed to be "Let it Go 2" and I honestly don't feel that it is. Sure it has a lot of Elsa talking about how she feels, her ongoing emotional struggle and eventual commitment to go the opposite direction from how she started when the song began, but "Into the Unknown", I feel like, has more to do about Elsa and is less about connecting with the wider audience. True, the audience that adore Elsa will gravitate towards her singing (Idina Menzel, you sing like a goddess), but it doesn't truly go as far outside the message of what Elsa is feeling compared to "Let it Go".

Just like "Let it Go", the visuals are amazing. I can tell that the animators really wanted to give as much of that Elsa sass and showcasing Idina's singing forte. But most of the amazing visuals comes from just how well Elsa and everything else are animated. That's not to say that the showcasing of Elsa's magic didn't have its own flare, it did, but I was more at awe with just Elsa's animation.

But that's my personal take on the song. All in all, I feel like this is my second favorite song. Idina Menzel just nails it, the instrument just goes in sync with the emotions trying to be portrayed as the song progresses, the gorgeous animation works so well (I've always loved Elsa in dark colors like burgundy), and the way they had it focus on Elsa and the voice, the way she uses her magic... it's incredible. May not be as gripping as the 'ice castle' in Let-it-Go, but it does still hold its own in my opinion. Honestly, it's a bit more powerful for me.

"When I Am Older"

I have never been a big fan of Olaf's songs--didn't enjoy "In Summer" or "That Time of Year" and even if I like Olaf a bit more for the sequel, this song still didn't do much for me. Sure it showed off more of Josh Gad's ability to show off his second skin, Olaf, all in all, it just feels like "In summer" but more pivotal to Olaf's story arc in Frozen 2.

"Reindeers are Better than People"