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Lil' Knockouts: Street Fighter Ryu (Review)

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Following the trend of #Street_Fighter merchandise, here we are with "Street Fighter LIL KNOCKOUTS" by Cryptozoic. It's one of those collectible gimmicks that you have to 'pay hoping you get a character you want'. While I am a Street Fighter fan, there are a few characters I would rather not have in my collection.

Just on it's own, the case is pretty cool. It's a small tin can that is actually well decorated all the way around with promotional artwork of the characters in series 1.

The line up is pretty impressive. I do like Cammy, Ken, Akuma, and Sakura. Bison is usually one of my favorites, but from the artwork, the Shadaloo leader does not translate well.

And of course one has to be warned that it is a potential choking hazard.

I'm pretty lucky to have gotten Ryu. I was aiming for Chun Li, but getting this classic Street Fighter is not something I am going to mope over. He is after all, one of the biggest inspiration for a lot of fighting games' protagonist. I'd even say he's inspired a plethora of characters in all sorts of mediums, beyond the genre of his fighting game, BEYOND gaming.

One of my favorite parts is definitely his red bandana. Love the flowing inspired movement it's giving off.

While they didn't use any of his signature poses (techinque moves, victory pose, etc), it is a posture that Ryu would definitely be in. Not going to complain over it as well since it does the trick. The details are needed are there and it is really easy to recognize the character.

All in all, it's a cool looking miniature piece. I definitely got lucky with getting Ryu, and I don't think I'll spend the time and effort to try and get the characters I really want. It was a fun first try and I definitely welcome this guy to my collection! I got him from Hot Topic, but he is available to purchase just about anywhere. Also, Cyrptozoic and amazon does sell the entire set on their website. Not a must have for SF fans, but again, a neat addition if you want to test your luck.

Well, until next time!

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