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Mafex (News): Comic Book Iron Man

Superior attack! That's right, a #Mafex revelation and it's none other than Iron Man in is classic comic book look. Thanks to Bigbadtoystore for these photos!

Definitely worth taking a look (no pun intended) because of some of the things it offers in terms of variations for display. The comic book Tony Stark face is a welcomed edition; nothing wrong with RDJ but people might have forgotten that Stark had a comic book face once. Also, that neat little detail with the helmeted face show above is often neglected. Really tempted just for the sake of those.

This is the selling point for me. This is the one that got me to look.... PROTON CANON. Okay, so it's the wrong armor, but come on, now! This is the first time that it's been put into action figure form (I can be corrected if I'm wrong). This, alone, makes me tempted to get this guy. While he is very similar to my Mezco Iron Man, it is a bit more similar to the comic version with a gigantic and iconic Proton Canon with him. Again, VERY tempted to preorder him. We shall see where I fall.

Until Next Time!

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