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Marvel Legends Apocalypse BAF: Multiple Man

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

Multiple Man! The first entry to the latest #BAF in my ever so growing collection of #Marvel_Legends! Well, I don't have any fancy intro for this guy! Let's just jump right into the review this Multiple Man Marvel Legends!

I can't say I was terribly excited to find out that we were getting a Jamie Madrox action figure. I was never a fan of Multiple Man, but just doing some small research on him, I was able to find some good stories, sad ones and serious ones, between him and the people around him; mostly between him and Siryn (which we also need a figure for now). His power set may be a bit irrelevant in a Universe where a Titan can just snap his fingers and make half the population of the universe disappear, but in a mundane world like ours, wouldn't it be great to be able to multiply yourself? Be at work and at home at the same time? Finish chores and do the fun things at the same time? That idea sounds great and I think it's that kind of the thought process that allowed me to remember Multiple Man through the years of being a casual fan of the comic books.

Hard to really give a 'dynamic' pose with Jamie unless one has a handful of Multiple Man action figures. Still nice photo editing though.

I like the alternate heads that we get for accessories. Honestly, with his Jamie Mardox is, I don't know what other fitting accessories to give him other than more of him? Maybe alternate arms that are painted blue that will let us take his brown leather jacket off and have a different look? I don't really know. 

Jamie Mardox was first introduced to me in the X-Factor run when the team was made up of Havoc, Polaris, Wolfsbane, Strong Guy, Quicksilver, Forge, and of course, Multiple Man. I actually liked that team and it was my favorite costume for Havoc. I'll even go as far and say I dig their one episode appearance in the X-Men animated series and seeing them fight the X-Men was a real treat. Too bad they weren't really the center of the attention in that said episode since it was mostly about Iceman and Polaris. There's not much to Multiple Man as an action figure, to be honest. We have seen the trench coat gimmick before and honestly, it's good for what it is but it still retains its flaws. I really do think alternate arms that are painted blue to allow the trench coat to be taken off would have done well. But within that outerwear, the body mold inside familiar, safe, and nothing too be excited about in terms of new material. 

There's really not much detail put into him, but where there are, it's done well enough.

Now color wise, it's not that bad. The blue is strong and the areas where there are other paint aside from blue is done well. The brown leather allows for a good contrast, but the arms and the main body of the jacket does not match. I don't think this is Hasbro's fault as much has it is a character design. Though they could have picked a different costume to be honest. 

The first face is a smiling one. The face apps are clean but the "X" on his forehead is a bit messy. Facial expression is good though. 

Angry face! The expression is pretty darn good and I like Hasbro's consistent improvement with comic book characters' faces. The paint this time is much cleaner than the smirking face too.

My least favorite face out of them is the mask-less alternate face. It's not badly done, it's just mundane in all aspects. The expression looks flat, the lack of a mask subtracts color, and I'm just not a fan of it. Still glad they provided it and I'm also quite glad that hasbro gave us three faces to choose from.

The articulation is as standard as they come. With the range of movements not lacking any surprise, I already expected this figure to be limited with what we could do because of the trench coat and the fact that he doesn't have any alternate hands. Also, it's hard to replicate any kind of mutant power spectacle in action figure form without some heavy photo editing and/or acquiring more of Jamie Mardox. I'm not planning on going that avenue, but hey, if I find him really cheap somewhere, I Just might. 

In conclusion, I can't say that this was a total dud but it wasn't that great either. I wasn't looking forward to a Multiple Man action figure, but if I was to get excited about it, they could have done something innovative with this guy even if it's small like having alternate arms with blue paint to allow us to have his jacket off. Also, this is an army building action figure for sure! Standard. Mediocre. And nothing really different. What it does well, it does well enough. Other than that, that's it!

Until Next Time!

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