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Marvel Legends Apocalypse BAF: Psylocke

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

A new and improved Marvel Legends of Pyslocke is what I have been waiting for! I was expecting them to pick the conventional costume Psylocke wears these days--you know, the one that doesn't show as much skin and makes more sense? BUT, we are trying to go for the Jim Lee days, aren't we? So let's check out the action figure!

Funny thing: I opened this action figure before taking a picture of her unboxed. So I had to repack it in order to get the pictures I always take. At any rate, at one point of my comic book fandom, Psylocke was my favorite gal. Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew, was in hiatus, and while she was always in the back of my mind, Betsy Braddock brought something to the table that really appealed to me. I mean with that kind of outfit? Why would I be pulled in, right? I also like the fact that she is a kunoichi that uses her psychic powers to enhance her already impressive battle prowess. Minus the fact that she has a pretty convoluted story as to how she got from being a Brit to a Japanese ninja... well, let's leave that for later. Also, she has an on and off relationship with Archangel that seems to get somewhere, then falls off, then gets somewhere, then Apocalypse gets in the way. But beyond that, I'm glad we got a new Marvel Legends action figure in our collection! 

Nice looking promo shot. And I have to say, the action figures in this set has some strong points and I'm pretty excited to review most of them.

She doesn't come with a ton of accessories, but what she does get are pretty cool. They all relate to her"Psi-projection" of weapons or what not. It also includes her 'butterfly' psychic projection whenever she is using her mind games. Still, I wish she came with some alternate hands.

When it comes to the action figure itself, I am both elated and underwhelmed with what we got. I'm going try and not sound as if I expect much from #Hasbro, but we all know that their paint job aren't the cleanest. Fortunately mine are good but to have sculpted parts for the bands, or maybe, just have sculpted clothing in general at least for this character would have been nice. Angela got a lot of attention and she's not exactly a solid Marvel character these days. Psylocke has had a long standing with the X-Men history and within the Marvel Universe in general and she didn't get as much care. But, alas, this is what we got. Now the mold for the body is good enough. It's a decent representation, though there could have been better choices that gives her a voluptuous frame, though I suppose I'm just being perverted. This is good enough and for what we got, we got a decent enough. 

The hair and face sculpting is good too. We are given a somewhat accurate Japanese looking face.

I already mentioned how Hasbro did a good enough job on Psylocke's paint applications. Nothing off the lines, its clean, sharp, and I especially like the way they painted her face (she looks pretty and again, resembles a Japanese woman). The choices for the colors are definitely Psylocke. I am aware that there is a variant Psylocke with black hair and darker blue outfit (?). I'm not sure if that was a intentional variant, but it does exist. Then again, we had that same deal with the Marvel Legends Mysterio earlier this year.

Take a moment to allow Betsy Braddock to read your mind. No, seriously, this is pretty attentive accessory. With attention like this, Hasbro should be commended. It's also a great time to notice the clean paint apps on Psylocke's face. I'm seriously glad that gone are the days of ugly female action figures.

Psylocke's other two accessories are her energized katana and her psi-blade. They are done pretty well and I do believe this is the first time we have seen these. The katana can have the option of having the energy effect on it or it can be taken off, which gives Betsy an energized pink katana. Said blade can only be held with her right hadn't and Psylocke's psi-blade fits best on her left. Again, alternate hands would have been nice.

Articulation department is as standard as we get with this female body mold. Depending on how one likes this body is how mediocre or lackluster it is. I personally think this body doesn't give Psylocke the full range of agility she is known for, but too many funny joints here and there and we'll have a repeat of the hideous Psylocke figure from #toybiz, yuck. In the grand scheme of things, I was able to get enough out of this body. Enough poses to get a few good pictures so I'm not too disappointed.

Overall it's definitely a good enough Marvel Legends of Psylocke. I like it a lot and although I could ask for more, I'm just glad that we got her, finally--and we got her in her much loved "classic" Jim Lee outfit. With a good set and character friendly accessories, clean paint, and not too hindering articulation, I will say that those who take Marvel Legends for what they are will enjoy this. I certainly do. If not, there's always the Amazing Yamaguchi!

Until Next Time

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