• Onyx

Marvel Legends Apocalypse BAF: Sabertooh

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

"BERSERKER CLAW" is a phrase that pops in mind whenever I see Sabertooth. While he has had prominent roles in Wolverine's comic books, the animated series, and other fandom based mediums, I just remember his appearance in Capcoms' VS series. Regardless, here we are with a Marvel Legends of Sabertooth in his "recognizable" look from the 90s. Let's check out this action figure and see how if it's a good addition to our growing X-Men Marvel Legends.

Victor Creed is one of Wolverine's main antagonist. Having a long standing history with one of Marvel's most popular mutant, Sabertooth has to have the same, if not, MORE ferocity and battle prowess to be able to give Wolverine a run for his money. Depending on the writer, Victor has achieved both being a threat and as a dangerous ally; then of course, there are occasions where he was mishandled altogether. I think there were more than enough times when Marvel didn't really know how to handle a character that fell into the whole 'villain who turned a new leaf' (Venom, Magneto, and the list goes on). Nowadays I know he is part of a branch of X-Force... or at least a team that acts like the black ops X-Men team. I'm not sure if Sabertooth will ever reach a popularity that will surpass the many feral-beast-like characters of Marvel, but I do know that the 90s/animated look is definitely my favorite look for him and I daresay, his more prominent look overall.

He does look pretty frightening, doesn't he?

If I talk about how disappointed I am about this, I will waste some space in my toy review for this new Marvel Legends Sabertooth. So we will just leave it as it is.