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Marvel Legends: Fan Fest 2021

It's time for another update! 2021 might up my antics with this series since they have been coming out with classic figures that I have always wanted. With that said, let's get into the goodies, shall we?

Now let me start off with this. Unorthodox gimmick, but still worth mentioning. Reminds me of the toy biz of old! Probably won't get them, but ya know, worth mentioning.

Endgame Thor! Full on belly and everything. Look, say what you will about Thor in that movie but at least he had some pretty godly scenes in there! And I do like this look and the idea of him having both Stormbreaker and Mjolnir. Probably won't cave in for this one, but it looks cool.

New #BAF! I'm not 100% sure who this character is, all I know is that he is part of the Russian team that resembles the Avengers. Good detail, large, and has good articulation. Not interested in getting this set though. Gone are the days of getting a set for the sake of completing a set.

Speaking of the set, here's one that interests me: Stealth Iron Man! Now I have no personal connection with this armor other than it does look cool. Those red repulsers are a big seller for me even if I won't cave in just for that. Can't ever have enough Iron Man in one's collection, right?

Now, Modular Iron Man is definitely a must for me. Like a must! I already have him preordered through BBTS! I love this armor because I like the look and it's classic! I really started to get to know Iron Man with his basics through this armor. I watched the show and I started getting comics while he was wearing this armor. I love this thing! I've always wanted Hasbro to make this for the LONGEST TIME! Thank you for making that happen, #Hasbro!

I want that Domino. Classic Neena. Looks like new guns and all. However, not really willing to get a 2-pack with Canonball. We'll see. Hoping to find that Domino on 2nd-market for a decent price. We shall see.

Here's ShartimusPrime's coverage.

He definitely went through things with a bit more detail and that's cool. Clearly there are other action figures coming that interests me; though at this time and age, giving in to them isn't going to be that easy anymore.

Even though I listed some of the things that really gets my jives going, I'm probably just going to stick with Modular Iron Man. But we'll see. Maybe Hasbro might surprise me more and they'll come out with more amazing things this year.

Until Next Time!

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