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Marvel Legends: Infinity War Wave 2 & Other Updates

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Looks like there's no slowing down Hasbro. With the release of Avengers Infinity War pt I, this is the PERFECT time for them to capitalize on this Marvel craze! Not sure if I'm interested in wave 2, but I am glad that they are doing what they can to really push the fandom. They are stepping up the game when it comes to their details, the inclusion of accessories, and also their revisiting with some of the old figs. Again, not sure if I'll be jumping the bandwagon for some of these but I am interested in that Scarlet Witch and Vision 2-pack. Well, that's about it! Thanks, ShartimusPrime for the news! Check out his page for more awesome updates and reviews!

Until Next Time!

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