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Marvel Legends Lizard BAF: Gwenpool

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

I'm not entirely sure why the Marvel Legends Gwenpool is placed in a Spider-Man wave. But I suppose if we are to connect her to Spider-Gwen, she kind of fits. Oh well, here's a 6 inch form of the somewhat unorthodox and newly created, Gwenpool! Let's check her out!

Gwenpool definitely is one of the main focus on this wave. As one can see, she gets the most accessories, she has a self titled box, and they even put an effort in her pose inside the box with her heart hands. Why though? I like the character, but still!

Even her promo pose had more effort than the others on this wave. Definitely an in-character pose and showcasing the penguin backpack, I can only raise an eyebrow as to why so much thought is placed on Gwenpool. Oh well, it's pretty neat though.

Did I mention that Gwenpool is loaded with a few more accessories than anyone on this wave? While I'm not griping that Gwenpool has a ton of them, I do have qualms with some of the lack of accessories treatment that the other characters get. She gets two alternate heads, a phone, 3 pair of hands(the selfie pose is not the same for the right and left), two katanas, a penguin backpack, and the tail for Lizard. See what I mean about her dwarfing the other figures from this wave in terms of accessories? The funniest thing is, Hasbro still couldn't manage to give her guns!

The first variant face is Gwenpool simply smiling. Well painted and spot on for the mask's details!

Then there's this face where it definitely is meant for the selfie poses. Again, clean details. Not going to complain.

Her two katanas aren't bad. Mine came out warped and I haven't done anything to straighten them out. They're pretty good, but I feel like they are a little on the large side, but better to have them than not. For those who have spare guns from other Marvel Legends, she can definitely hold a gun since her sword wielding hands have trigger fingers on them. Her penguin backpack is something that she wears in the comics and for the figure, it's also her katana sheathes.

Then there's her phone! Seems like selfies are becoming a trend even with the younger super heroines like Gwenpool over here, Spider-Gwen, and even Batgirl. Not sure if Supergirl meant to be in the picture!

I have to admit, this figure is pretty good in terms of details. The body mold is more than fitting for Gwen Poole and the head sculpt is done accurately; that droop on the back of her head is spot on. The pouches and straps gives this figure depth beyond what is expected for a retail figure, so credit to Hasbro for pulling this one off.

Before I praise the paint application, can Hasbro find another spot that is more discreet to put those numbers on? It's bothersome especially for bare legs. Anyways, the figure is painted cleanly. The bright pink and colors really compliment each other well and I honestly have no complaints. The lines are clean, no smudges on my figure, and the only other figure that I think will do better is the Mafex Gwenpool coming later this year.

Articulation wise, she's also well equipped. Most poses that you will find Gwenpool in can be replicated. Of course since she is a female, she doesn't come with double jointed elbows; something Shartimus Prime fervently tries to get Hasbro to listen to. And I agree with him, of course. YES, FEMALE FIGURES NEED DOUBLE JOINTED ELBOWS. Not having them hinders action figures photography! But despite that, Gwenpool does fine. Her crotch joints seem to be a bit more exposed.... not sure if I have seen this in a figure before.

With how much I complained about Gwenpool getting so much more accessories compared to the other figures, I definitely will admit that this was a fun photoshoot. This is a good figure and probably my favorite one as of right now. Gwenpool is a testament of what Hasbro is capable of doing and I understand that if every figure is like this, cost would go up higher. But I feel like there should be a balance. One can really see and feel the effort put into this figure and I can't help but feel like everything else in this wave was disregarded. All in all, this character may be loved or hated, but regardless of that, her Marvel Legends form is definitely a pretty good action figure! More to come from this wave!

Until Next Time!

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