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Marvel Legends Lizard BAF: Mysterio

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

Here we are with my first Mysterio action figure! One of Spidey's old time nemesis, and honestly, I'm not a big fan of him, nor do I really see him as a threat compared to other villains that Spidey has to deal with. But he does have some defining moments (Old Man Logan, anyone?). Anyways, let's check out Hasbro's take on this guy!

Marvel's Mysterio, huh? I wonder if there are any other Mysterio outside the realm of Spider-Man/Marvel lore?

Nice promo shot of the figure! I do love how this figure turned out from promo all the way to the real deal.

Seems to be a trend in this wave: short of accessories! Aside from the leg, Mysterio does come with the special effects which aren't too bad. They actually put a lot of details in this so I can't really complain. The sculpting of the smoke and the octopus tentacle really does show Hasbro's effort. The color choice is also very enigmatic and very intimidating. Nicely done on it!

I've always thought that Mysterio has an odd design. It works for the character, but I have never really been a big fan of it. But the figure itself is pretty good in replicating most of Mr. Beck's designs. Every sculpted work is something one can really appreciate. I am especially fond of how his gloves turned out, which compliments the rest of the work done on his cape lining, and the lines on his body.

Mysterio's head is something that is unique to his design. I'll definitely go into the little things that they put with this head, but as for the rest of his body, he has the new Spider-Man 2099 body mold; a bit muscular, but it's not something I'm going to gripe over.

My figure is painted pretty clean. Nothing to really complain about. The way his color palette mixes in comes out well in his action figure form. With the combine sculpt work and defined variations of color, Mysterio comes out vibrant and definitely true to most of his comic book appearances. Obviously you don't get much of a view of the figure form the back since the cape is pretty big and blocky.

To continue on the topic of color, I wish they added some coloring details on the eyes. Still, what lies underneath his 'fishbowl head' is something unexpected. It's harder to see since it's a pearly translucent paint, but there is a skull head underneath. It plays with the same theme as his special effect with the tentacle-like idea. Mysterio is all about illusions, and it's a pretty neat idea to have a head like this underneath. There is a version where the skull is green like his special effect and I much prefer the white version. It gives a 'hint' of what is underneath.

In terms of articulation, there's not much to really say. I don't need Mysterio moving like he is agile and nimble so what he has is good enough. Getting him on floating/hovering poses are easy, and I can replicate some of his famous stance while he is terrorizing Spider-Man. The only pair of hands that Hasbro gives us works out, so range of movement wise, so no qualms in the articulation department.

In conclusion, I like this figure a lot. While I'm not a fan of the villain, Marvel Legends Mysterio does what he is suppose to do. Minor missed opportunities on the details here and there, but overall, it's a good figure. I never owned any of the toybiz ones so he's a keeper on my shelf.

Until Next Time!

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