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Marvel Legends Lizard BAF: Prowler

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

fThe first review of my first BAF set catch o 2018 is Prowler! Obscure character from the Spider-Man lore and honestly, he's been a background character for ages now. While I don't particularly like this character, I do like that Hasbro is putting out characters that are not mainstream. So with that said, let's check Prowler out!

It's a Spider-Man wave, so it has Spidey's name all over the box. Unlike previous installments in the Marvel Legends line, this one isn't as decorative or creative. I suppose it doesn't really have to be.

As always, the cover art is something to admire. The back shows a promo shot of the figure and the pose isn't that great or dynamic. And of course, we get a preview of the other figures on this wave. Guess which one I'm most excited to review and open?

So we're back to this right now, Hasbro? The only accessory that comes with Prowler is the Lizard BAF leg. Disappointing, but I'm not as surprised. I just thought they would move past this. Especially when Prowler, at least from my knowledge, falls under the gadget based vigilantes. I see him as one of those D-list Batman kind of hero/villain.

To commend Hasbro on putting out a character like this in action figure form is definitely something I am going to give. The body mold is good and the added sculptures are definitely true to the character and done well enough. The cape I believe is new and I haven't seen it before so that's also a good thing.

I like the sculpt of the head and how the material of his mask is straining against his face. Everything else with the sculpting worked out pretty well. I wish his 'logo' was sculpted in instead of painted to give it more of a prominent presence, but oh well.

Another reason why the Prowler doesn't interest me is because of his color scheme. Oddly enough, that same odd choice of color combo is what makes this figure stand out. The paint is clean and the different tone of purple really gives him this offset but balanced look. Never thought the egg plant color combo would work well with an action figure! All in all, clean paint and odd colors executed almost flawlessly makes the paint job a pleasing appearance!

Articulation is very familiar and expected with Marvel Legends molds like this one. Sharing the same body as Spider-UK, he is pretty liberal when it comes to his poses and the cape definitely does not hinder much. I was able to get him in some pretty dynamic poses, and it was an enjoyable photo shoot. But as always, with figures like this that don't come with any accessories, there's always more left to be desired.

In conclusion, those who have waited for a Prowler Marvel Legends, rejoice because here he is. On the other hand, those who are not familiar and are just 'meh', you'll most likely get the same indifferent reaction. He looks good and offers plenty in the action figure photography department, but lacking accessories doesn't help him much. He is a must if anyone is looking to complete the Lizard Build-A-Figure, so you'll have to fork up the cash one way or the other. Well, that's about it.

Until Next Time!

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