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Marvel Legends "Molten Man" BAF: Spider-Woman

A #Marvel_Legends review? I'm quite aware that it has been ages since my last Marvel Legends catch and to be completely honest, I'm not even sure if this toyline will be getting a lot of love from me this year, but I can say one thing: if a character entices me I will get it. Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman is not my favorite character but she is a Spider-Woman. Spider-Women have a special place in my heart. Let's get on with the review.

I don't think I have talked about Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman all that much in my blog. Back in the day when Jessica Drew fell into obscurity, Marvel wanted to keep the rights to the Spider-Woman moniker so they gave it to another person named Julia Carpenter. Oddly enough, they gave her costume more of a "Black Suit Spider-Man" flare and honestly, I liked it. Put her in the Avengers and later on Force Works, give her an animated version that has a thing for Tony Stark (this was back when Iron Man was not a household name, mind you), and you have yourself a slightly different version of the first (and the superior) Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew. Her powers may not deviate too much from the spider-folks' trademark wall crawling and giving her psionic webbing ensures that she's closer to Peter Parker than Jessica Drew ever was w/ Drew's signature venom-blasts and all. Good aesthetics and a somewhat decent origin, I actually Julia Carpenter. Though it's still clear that Jessica Drew is my number one.

While the artwork is fantastic, the rest of the line up is something I'm not interested in. The #BAF is from the MCU "Molten Man" and half of these Marvel Legends are based off the Spider-Boy Far From Home movie. A set that's an easy pass for me.

Julia Carpenter comes with the biggest BAF piece and two alternate pieces for her right hand: a relaxed hand and a webbing hand. Gott say that I like the fact that they added it... wish they gave Jessica Drew a venom-blast alternate hand.

The body mold is something I have seen before within the female heroines. Not much has changed within #Hasbro. Recycling body molds is something that they will continue to do. So all in all, there's not much to really to talk about since it's a pretty familiar sculpt. I'm pretty sure the hair is a recycled too though I could be wrong. It's decent for the price range of Marvel Legends.

There's not much variations with the paint but it's pretty clean, at least in the body parts. The matted black contrast just fine with the pearlescent white on her boots and gloves. The spider emblem is also clean so no complaint. The hair is shaded kind of odd but I wasn't expecting miracles from it.

This action figure does a fine job replicating Julia Carpenter so it does the job. No real complaint, though it wasn't going to do anything to super impress me right off the get go.

As far as articulation, this Spider-Woman has the same limited body mold as previous female action figures so you get what you get with this price range. Being limited to only one alternate hand doesn't offer much fun but all in all, you do get some pretty cool shots. She could use a fisted hand and I'm always going to be one of those that condones more accessories but again, adding more means the cost is going to spike up. So maybe it's good where it is, right?

All in all, it's an alright action figure. Maybe my bias for Jessica Drew had a lot of impact towards my lack of full enthusiasm for this Marvel Legend, but I can't sit here and say that I am impressed after being out of the Marvel Legends line for a bit. I got it as a gift so I appreciate it a lot, though I can't say I would have spent the money. I can't recommend her unless one is a real die-hard Julia Carpenter/Spider-Woman fan. So, that's about it.

Until Next Time!

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