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Marvel Legends Monster Venom BAF: Eddie Brock/Venom

Updated: May 5, 2019

Have I mentioned that I have more than a few Venom action figures in my collection to warrant my fandom for this character? Also, had I mentioned before that I used to be a BIG Venom fan? I think I have! To have this many Venom figures coming out would have been a dream come true to my younger self. So what about this new Marvel Legends Venom? Let's just get right into the review.

The new box for this Venom wave also brandishes a fancy logo. I like it. The dominant white box with some black designs/writing peppered all throughout definitely gives this a breath of fresh air.

I don't think Venom was supposed to be the character he is now. For a long time, he exploded into his own lore, his own plot point, and he transitioned beyond Spider-Man. Sure he will always have his origins and roots with the wall crawler, but for a bit, he had his own thing going on with his 'lethal protector' series. After a bit though, Venom's popularity dropped and he fell off the face of the Earth completely. The Symbiote was passed around through different hosts and it wasn't until Flash Thompson took over as Agent Venom where the character found a small surge of popularity again. Eventually, Eddie Brock regained the (in)famous original black symbiote and once again, Venom rises. The return of Eddie Brock may have had something to do with the movie that just recently released. Whether that has any factor to it or not, said event garnered Venom his very own Marvel Legends BAF Wave... and the possibility for a second one isn't so far off into the distance.

The line up for this Venom Wave is really good minus Spider-Ham and Typhoid Mary. I've already went over the basics why I think Mary does not belong in this wave, but I suppose Spider-Ham is next.

We have two alternate heads and a symbiote effect and of course, the BAF pice. I'll go more in details in terms of what I think about the accessories we are given but I will say that at least we have NEW accessories.

Venom's costume design hasn't really changed all that much. Sure different artists may have drawn his symbol differently. His first appearance may not have had the signature green drooling tongue, but for the most part, he has stayed relatively the same. The drastic changes are the times when Eddie wore a different symbiote and/or when the "Venom" symbiote bonded with a different host. Hasbro has kept Venom's classic look intact with this action figure, which, I can't argue with. Also, this isn't the first time we saw this Marvel Legend. Back in the Absorbing Man BAF Wave, we saw this same body mold, same paint, a different Venom head (just took out the green paint and tongue), less hands, Symbiote effect, and a new Eddie Brock head. It uses that Hyperion body mold that I am not too keen on. But for the most part, it works with this character. Would love to see another body in the future for Venom though.

There's not much paint application on Venom; his previous release didn't get any special treatment either. There are some clean paint on the white emblem and the face is well done (as I mentioned, the previous version of this action figure had green paint for the drool which was also done well). If Hasbro is going to release another Marvel Legends, other than a new body mold, perhaps they should go with the blue color.

Here's Venom's first head. It's not bad but I prefer the previous one that had the tongue and the green paint.

But as much as I don't like the Venom face, I abhor this Eddie Brock alternate head even more. It looks like the Eddie Brock I know but it's just too darn big. If it was just a tad bit smaller, it would have worked.

As far as his articulation goes, it's also familiar and offers nothing new to the table. Venom inherently gained the awkward angles of the Hyperion body mold but at least he has every standard and expected range of movements a Marvel Legends has these days. For a bulky character, Venom's a bit more agile and nimble so dynamic poses are definitely a must.

Here's this Venom next to the previous release. Again, that's the same head minus the tongue. Also, the Venom from the Absorbing Man has alternate hands and heads while the new Venom has alternate heads and a symbiote accessory.

And here's Venom next to the Toybiz Venom that I feel is the inspiration to this Venom action figure. While it does not have an alternate head of Venom, it does have a slip on head that can cover the Eddie Brock. It also has a symbiote effect that acts like a shield of some sort. As much as there is a few things I can complain about this new Venom, seeing this classic Venom toy does make me appreciate just how far we have gotten in the action figure department.

To prove a point, here is Venom next to older action figures I have of the character. And this isn't even all of it. As I said, I was a big time Venom fan at one point.

In conclusion is this a bad Marvel Legend of Venom? I'd say yes and no. I wish Hasbro did more to give more reason to have rereleased this Venom. Had they given it different paint or more NEW accessories, it would have settled in more with me. But regardless, I like it enough. It has enough good things to make me set aside the bad things.

Until Next Time!

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