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Marvel Legends Okeye BAF: Erik Killmonger

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Black Panther's MCU rival, Erik Killmonger gets a total revamp for the movie and here we are with a Marvel Legends of Killmonger! Right off the get go, I have to point out that this is a good looking figure so let's get right in and check this guy out!

I like the box design of this Black Panther Okoye Wave. If I haven't mentioned it already in one of my reviews, Hasbro is giving their boxes for Marvel Legends some attention! They are definitely catering it to the theme of the franchise! You get a very Wakanda like backdrop and just from the box alone, it is easy to see that Erik is well equipped.

Here's the deal with MCU related Marvel Legends: a lot of the figures are going to have unique body molds. Unique means more sculpting, more 'not so mundane' figures, and it means more awesome figures.

Accessories are also well supplied and THAT is something I can get into. The best part is that most of these accessories come with a good amount of detail that makes them stand out and not look so dull. Both pair of hands (clawing and weapons holding) are pretty consistent with the patterns so that's appreciated. The spear weapon (though warped at first) also comes with its own unique molding. The weird Final Fantasy-like sword is pretty simple. But it's good enough.

Before I praise Hasbro on a fine job they did on Killmonger there is a catch, at least with mine. The right shoulder joint seems to have a defect and it can't go all the way down. Now I'm sure all I have to do is warm it up and it will loosen it up, but I won't be putting Killmonger on a vanilla pose as much to worry about that.

To talk about the mold, again it has a lot of things that makes it unique to the character. And if some of the body parts are recycled, he has plenty of details to make him stand out as his own figure. Every line sculpted to him just makes him stand out and those designs on his mask is just details that I still haven't gotten used to when it comes to Hasbro. And like I mentioned with his hands, the designs are consistent with every alternate hand. It's pretty amazing.

I think Killmonger's animal spirit is more in line with a leopard, thus why he has those spots all over his costume. And that's another cool thing about this figure; it may not be so obvious, but he has paint variation all throughout his body that resembles leopard spots. His back doesn't get robbed with those details and paint job that are all over the figure.

His weapon holding hands do a good job, even if I am not too impressed with his weapons. They are well done for what they are and I really appreciate Hasbro adding some weapons with this guy. The spear is for sure the one that got the most attention and care.

When it comes to his range of movements, Killmonger meets the standards. He is very poseable and that is another plus for this action figure. Also, his joints are very stiff so that's a plus.

Right next to MCU Black Panther, I have to say that he looks more vibrant and his design really shines compared the protagonist. And that's a lot to say since I like this Black Panther design!

It's also been a while since I had this much fun with two action figures going at it. Both are very compliant thanks to their articulation! Together, they just look good both in dynamic and action poses! Hasbro really nailed it with these two figures.

In conclusion, I really think this figure is amazing. Highly articulated, well painted, decent accessories, and has a wide range of movements. There's very little for me to point out and I Just had a fun time posing him around. Erik Killmonger is pretty easy to find in the wild and online, but I suggest get him now before the movie comes out. He might be a villain that shines and that might rack up his price and/or make him harder to find. All in all, this is a highly recommended figure. Definitely meets the expectations and surpasses it a bit. If Hasbro continues on this path, Marvel Legends may continue to raise the bar of expectation.

Until Next Time!

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