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Marvel Legends Sasquatch BAF: Deadpool 1st appearance

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Here we are with another Deadpool Marvel Legends. To be honest, I only have a couple of Deadpool figures so I'm not that bothered by the two that are on this wave, or am I? Well, let's just check this guy out.

One thing that is easy to spot is that this figure is almost bare in terms of accessories. Not only does he lack the number of accessories we would expect from a Deadpool figure, he also does not have a BAF piece! WHAT? Hasbro does this where they'll have one figure (a popular character) in a wave that is not necessary for the BAF. While this might not be a must-have, for those who preorders their set, they are forced to pay the higher price for one extra figure that may or may not do anything for them. I'm a VERY casual Deadpool fan so I can't justify having this guy in the wave without a BAF piece. Feels like his main purpose is to just up the price. Oh, and the side picture looks cool, though if we are going for the first appearance Deadpool, I believe he was a little more serious rather than someone who is joking around.

Not much to say here other than the set could have been sold with just six figures. I guess there might be a minimum of seven? I don't know.

So here we are with the 'accessories'. I'll admit, I like how they look and we'll definitely see them again for a Ninja based character (Ronin figure, I'm assuming), but releasing a Marvel Legend within a BAF wave that doesn't have a BAF piece is kind of off-putting for me.

It's a good looking Deadpool body mold. I'm not sure if I have seen this body before, I don't think it's the Pizza Spidey, but again, I can't say off the top of my head. The shoulders look a bit off, but for the most part, it's not too bad. I definitely like the heads sculpt since it is very true to Deadpool's first appearance look when he was a bit more serious. Though the straps across his body was not present, his blades were less katana themed, and he had guns! Something this figure lacks.

The coloring has a few things off for me. First, the red is kind of an odd choice since it's dull and doesn't exactly fit Deadpool. The older Deadpool from New Mutants was a little darker and the new/modern Deadpool is a bit brighter, so I'm not sure how to take this one. But in the end, it fits well enough. The pouches are something I have qualms with for sure. I wish they were leather brown color; the one on his waist are red and the one on his right thigh are grey... they're not even consistent. Since pouches were a thing back in the 90s, does that mean they came with a plethora of colors, thus why Wade over here has red and grey?

Despite lacking alternate hands, some guns, and just overall a lackluster when it comes to accessories (especially for a Deadpool figure), he does have a pretty good range of movements. The shoulders may look odd, but that butterfly joint really does help with his articulation. Everything else is standard as one would expect from a Marvel Legend figure. The straps and belt don't hinder him too much and the pouch on his thigh surprisingly does not come off. Definitely a plus of the figure.

As a figure, he isn't bad. He looks pretty darn good, actually despite his colors a bit off. But for any Deadpool fans who have had Deadpool figures before, this would really be a huge step back. No accessories beyond his two short katanas is a real downfall. And also as I mentioned, I'm not a fan of the 'put-a-popular-character-in-the-BAF-wave-just-cause-without-BAF-piece' gimmick. It just ups the price for no darn reason! I may call #Hasbro out with the lack of accessories but I can kind of take that if the characters with said problem HAS a BAF PIECE! So with that said, I can't say I can recommend this Deadpool to anyone who are casual Deadpool fans. He's an easy skip and someone not necessary for completing Sasquatch. But for any hardcore Wade Wilson fans, this is probably a must. Just get ready for a major dilemma with lacking weaponry--something #Deadpool is known for!

Until Next Time!

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