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Marvel Legends Sp//dr BAF: Doctor Octopus

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

The last figure that came in the Sp//dr BAF is none other than Otto Octavius! The thing about the newest Marvel Legends of Doc Ock is that he technically isn't part of the #BAF wave; he doesn't come with a BAF piece is what I'm trying to say. Still, he is a highly sought out action figure and so let's check out and see if he is worth all the hype and the wait! On to the review!

Otto Octavius has gone through a few costume and overall changes through the years of his publication in Spider-Man's history. He has been an on and off villain, he was almost dying at one point, and of course, one of his famous story arc: he was once a Superior Spider-Man. This Marvel Legends goes back to his classic days where he was a bit chubby and wore orange and green; then he had those glasses and the bowl cut! It's a really nice addition to the growing Spidey villains Marvel Legends collection. I'm sure people can army build their Sinister Six sooner than later. That is if they haven't already since the members vary depending on the writer and/or the time.

Again, he's part of the wave but he is not required to finish the Sp//dr BAF. Though in some ways, Hasbro was smart since he is a sought out character. Still think that Cloak and Dagger should have been the 'optional' figure by making Cloak a gigantic accessory for Dagger. But alas, this is what we got.

Doc Ock's accessories are, of course, his trademark tentacles! I mean, what else would they have been? So in terms of aesthetics, these tentacles look rather good. There are enough details on them and it's unmistakably Otto's signature weapons. Though when it comes to possibility of poses, they lack since they are posed accordingly; no swivels on the tentacles that could have really helped these do more for the action figure! There's small articulation on the clamps of the tentacles, but all in all, there's nothing that really to talk about. I wonder why #Hasbro can't just give us bendy-wires like they did with the Machine Man's arms way back when.

I contemplated if I wanted to take the 'vanilla' poses with the tentacles or not, but I suppose no one truly gets a Dr. Octopus figure without his tentacles so I decided to leave them on despite them being distracting. Well, in terms of Otto, it's a new body mold. We haven't had a chubby character in action figure form just yet and this will probably lead to characters like Toad (Blob needs a bigger body). All they have to do is, of course, take out the things that are exclusive to Otto, which are all done quite well. The sculpted glasses (that I have yet to try hard enough to see if it's removable), the awkward bowl cut, and then that gritting sculpted face that is obviously yelling "you dolt!" to Spider-Man. For what it is, I definitely appreciate it.

Again, those tentacles might be a bit distracting

The color scheme is pretty accurate to Doc Ock's classic costume. It's vibrant, clean, and the plastic color chosen does the job well. I can't say that I am a fan of his color scheme, but hey, it's classic! The tentacles could be more metallic silver in my opinion, but it's good enough. Overall, I found little to no flaws in the painting so this much is not a problem.

The stout body type will not have acrobatics involved (unless we are talking about Superior Spidey), but Hasbro did not fail to give us what we expect. Swivels in the right places and nothing jarring that prevented me from getting some decent pose. No alternate hands might have taken away some possible poses but truly, the lack of movement on the tentacles, swivels or bendy wire, truly takes away from the action figure. Sure the tentacles can all be swapped on the four holes on his back, but without proper articulation, it's not going to be very limited. Biggest downfall of this figure.

At the end of the day, a Doctor Octopus was definitely desired. While greatly flawed with the tentacles' lack of movement, the fact that he is pretty accurate, good sculpting, and clean paint apps, I can't really say that he is a disappointment. I got some good postures from him, but he won't be wrapping Spider-Woman with those tentacles like he does in the comic books. Shame. He is not required to finish the Sp//dr BAF, but I would have definitely bought him regardless. Classic villain always amounts to good addition as long as it meets standards and goes a little bit above. I definitely recommend Doc Ock's latest Marvel Legends form! On to the BAF then!

Until Next Time!

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