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Marvel Legends Thanos BAF: Iron Spider (Infinity War)

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

Can he do EVERYTHING an Iron Spider can?

Here we are with another #Marvel_Legends featuring the highly regarded Iron Spider from Infinity War! I might have mentioned once on this blog that I was never a big fan of the Iron Spider Infinity War look--mainly that's because I don't like Tom Holland as Peter Parker. After watching Infinity War, I still don't think this suit is that great but it wasn't that bad and I'm luke-warm towards it. So how does he fare in action figure form? Let's check him out.

The first Infinity War Marvel Legends for me to review and right off the get go, it's obvious to see what I am going to hate about this figure. There's going to be a gimmick behind this, I already know it, and that's something I am going to really judge the figure on and rightfully so. Let's talk about this in the accessories department. And okay artwork. I mean it's good, but it's not really that inspiring.

And this wave is another one of those that leans on character popularity to sell one figure. I know #Iron_Man is popular, and believe me, I love him too (all thanks to Civil War crossover event way back when and because of his Cinematic version) but to have one less than mediocre looking figure in the wave and not have a BAF piece? Yes, I passed on an Iron Man Infinity War Marvel Legends.

Accessories... what accessories? This is what Iron Spider-Boy gets! He should have the spider legs("waldos") with this, or alternate hands, or maybe even an annoying Tom Holland face, but no. He's comes with the BAF piece, which is a crime to give us a Spider-man related figure without any kind of accessories. I have a feeling that #Hasbro is going to rerelease this figure with accessories in the future. The gimmick of making more money for the sake of nothing.

I wanted to say that this body mold is the same as the Vulture BAF: Spider-Boy Homecoming, but I don't think so. It still fits the teenage body mold so that's a good thing; skinny, short, and the bigger head does give him a younger look. But, again, Spider-Boy; putting my feelings aside, this figure is sculpted quite well. There are plenty of things about MCU's Iron Spider that makes it intricate for a 'simple' and 'classic' design and Hasbro made sure that it translated well into plastic form. His spider emblem are sculpted rather than painted, and just like any Spider-Man figure (or Spider-Man related figure), there are a lot of lines to be made and this figure was not given the short end of the stick. Every detail carved is impressive and I love the fact that when I hold this guy, he's not just a plain mold given some paint here and there and called it a day. Definitely a small saving grace when it comes to this figure.

And the colors are well executed. While I prefer the classic look of the Iron Spider from post The Other storyline, I do think that the MCU version of the Iron Spider has some redeeming quality. The paint job/plastic chosen really does a fine job giving the metallic look of the Spider-Boy's Iron Spider look. The peppering of gold gives it that Iron Man stapled colors, and my figure is sharp and clean in terms of coloring so I can't really complain. Maybe his eyes could have a 'shiny' paint to represent how he looks in the movie, but that's a minor complaint. Aesthetically, Hasbro did a good job on him.

There is nothing disappointing about his articulation. He is standard and is pretty similar to the Spider-boy figure from the Vulture #BAF wave. Good articulation is something Hasbro keeps consistent. The aggravating issue about this figure and really hurts his articulation, or at least his illusion of being dynamic is, well, you guessed it, the fact that he HAS ZERO accessories. I'm not even talking about the "waldos"; the fact that this Spider-Boy does not have ANY alternate hands hurts the figure and it's really hard to pose him in different pictures.

Won't take it away from the figure that he can get into some pretty Spidey-like poses; no thanks to the lack of figure stands and hand swap outs.

MCU Spider-Man, or as I call him, Spider-Boy, is already a hard sell for me. I don't like the actor, I am not a fan of the way he is forced weaved into the MCU, and his figures are usually on the 'must' because he holds a piece of a BAF or it's to have the feeling of completion with my #Spiderverse shelf. This figure is really weak. No way of sugar coating that. Looks great and poses great, but the lack of attention with accessories really gives me that gut feeling that he will be re-released with the accessories that should have came with him. So yeah, definitely on the low end of the wave already for me.

Until Next Time!

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